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Nokia 2.2 at $199 is an Android One phone (now updated to Android 10)
5.0Overall Score
Name: Nokia 2.2
Price (RRP): $199
Manufacturer: Nokia

Nokia 2.2 is the new ‘.2’ version – last year it was 2.1 and previously 2.0. It joins the Nokia stable of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9-series and as we like to joke, ‘Rabbits ain’t got nothing on Nokia for prolific breeding’.

The unlocked Nokia 2.2 costs $199. According to our spies at JB, it is walking out the door without signing up to Telstra pre-paid. Buyers, pop down to Woolies or Aldi and grab a $15-20 per month pre or post-paid, no contract, sim pack. These are smart, cost-conscious buyers who would not even consider the cheapest Telstra plan that starts at $50 per month.

The Nokia 2.2 elicits a mixed bag of emotions. It did not help that we had the premium Samsung Galaxy Note10+ ($1999), Samsung Galaxy 10+ 5G ($1849) and the Vivo S1 ($449) on the testbed. Why? Because you simply cannot and must not compare a $199 phone to these.

More importantly, you need to look at who is buying the Nokia 2.2 and not the Nokia 3.2 ($249) or 4.2 ($299).

Again, my spies tell me that the average shopper has a price in mind. As the Nokia 2.2 is its cheapest Android offering, it is not a hard sell. Trying to talk them up $50-100 or even to another brand falls on deaf ears.

This group is only concerned that it gets a decent phone that will last a year or two. It could not give a rat’s backside for in-depth specification analysis.

Review format change

Over 60% of GadgetGuy’s traffic is now via mobile, and our traditional long-form (4-6-page) reviews don’t suit that. We now look at the buyer profile and what they expect for the price. The result – we will put everything you need to know in the first two pages. You will see the word ‘Pass’ if it meets or exceeds or extensive paradigms.

Don’t worry – where appropriate the heavy tech stuff and specifications will appear after that.

Nokia 2.2 TA-1191 Single sim

Website here

Nokia 2.2

Position: One of the lowest cost, pure Android Go smartphones

Pass: and from a very reputable company. Nokia elicits strong loyalty.

Screen: 5.71-inch, 1520 x 720, 19:9, 295ppi, 79% STBR, IPS, LCD – claimed 400 nits

Pass – it is not overly bright, contrasty or colour accurate and the night sky theme makes it look even darker than it is. There is no screen protection, and it will scratch.

Pass – its a good screen, a step above what you can expect at this price

Processor: MT6761 Helio A22; 12nm; four-core 2GHz A-53; PowerVR GE8300 GPU; – all in one SoC with Wi-Fi 5 (N), BT 4.2, GPS, LTE modem. 2GB/16GB/microSD (claimed to 400GB).

Pass – It is a little laggy and not for gamers or power users but fine for phone and general use. Warning: there is only 5GB free of the 16GB storage but you can add a microSD.

Battery: 3,000mAh that at screen-on, low/high use will last about 12/8 hours.

You will need to charge this once a day although claimed standby time is 21 days. A 5V/1A USB-A to micro-USB charger is in the box. The HQ510 battery is removable, and spares should cost $20-30 (generic to original). Recharge time is around 4 hours.

Pass – when the spare batteries are readily available, it may make sense to buy one.

LTE: Single SIM plus dedicated microSD slot

LTE bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40, 41