Norton 360 for comprehensive security
4.6Overall Score
Name: Norton 360 Standard/Deluxe/Premium
Price (RRP): $from 94.99 single user per year
Manufacturer: Norton (Symantec)

Norton 360 is NortonLifeLock’s latest premium consumer security product. It is also one of the most expensive comprehensive security suites.

The new Norton 360 was released late last year and is essentially an all-in-one version using Norton Antivirus Plus*, Norton VPN, Cloud backup. PC/Mac Firewall, Password Manager, Parental control and more.

While Norton 360 does it all, you may have lesser needs more suited to a basic and cheaper AV package. Perhaps the first thing you need to ask is what level of protection do you need?

We put Norton 360 Premium through its paces on Windows and Android devices. How does it fair? Very well!

Norton 360

Website here

Price: (RRP for 1/2 years but there are deals to encourage take-up). A single device is a Windows, macOS, Android or iOS smartphone or Android/iOS tablet

  • Standard (1 device) $94.99/189.99
  • Deluxe (3 devices) $144.99/289.99
  • Premium (3 devices) 189.99/379.99
  • You can buy multiple subscriptions
Norton 360

What does Norton 360 give you over basic AV?

Norton 360

*Anti-spyware, Antivirus, Malware and Ransomware protection

Norton is one of the better performers in this field. You can read more here but suffice to say users trust Norton to catch more.

It also plugs into most email clients to monitor phishing, and browsers to identify unsafe sites. A lot of this intelligence comes from its global user network.

Windows only cloud Backup

Standard 10/Deluxe 50 and Premium 250GB of secure cloud backup. You can put almost anything there and backup your PC to recover if you caught ransomware. It is like iCloud, OneDrive etc. Remember that backup uses data, so you need to have the right internet plan.

There is an easy to use On/Off switch interface to select what want to backup.

Firewall for Windows and macOS

A firewall monitors network traffic between the computer to the router and can stop suspicious traffic like advanced persistent threats or external hacks.

Password Manager

If you have not used a password manager, it is time you did. All you need to remember is the master password and it does the rest by auto-filling login details. It can import current passwords from Chrome, Firefox, Dashlane, 1Password and Lastpass.

It can export passwords to a Password Manager Backup Format – DAT File or plain text .CSV file. This should allow you to get data back into another program.

Norton Password manager works on all devices it is installed on.

Parental Control (Deluxe and Premium on Windows only)

A set of tools to control children use of internet-connected devices. It includes content filtering. You set up a profile for each child (not tested) and set up varying permissions.