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Mintt X5
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The Mintt X5 is $279. It is part of the good (A5 $199), better (X5 $279) and our favourite Mintt Y5 ($379) 2020 range.

In fact, the A5 and X5 (technically an UltraMintt X5) – share similar internals, and the extra price pays for a larger screen, more RAM/Storage, and upgraded camera. The hallmark of both is that they have Wi-Fi 5 AC, BT 5.0 USB-C charging (still an oddity at this price), dual sim and pure Google Android.

This is the first Australian review of the Mintt X5. We ran it through more than 70 hardware and software tests. It earns a recommendation in the category.

Australian review: Mintt X5, dual sim

  • Australian Website here
  • Price: $279
  • From: Mintt online only although watch for further distribution announcements
  • Elevator Pitch: Great quality and value in the $279 cut-throat market!
  • Warranty: 1-year ACL swap warranty
  • Mintt is an Australian company, part of the South-east-Asian Mintt/NWTL Group. Details here.
  • You can read other Mintt reviews here

We use FAIL, PASS and EXCEED against more than 70 test paradigms to arrive at a rating.

Mintt X5 banner
Now $279

First impression – EXCEED

  • This is the largest screen MInnt have. At 6.5” with a 20:9 ratio, it is about the limit of one-handed use.
  • Bright screen with Panda Glass and pre-fitted protector
  • Rear fingerprint reader
  • Tri-camera
  • USB-C
  • 3.5mm jack
  • TPU bumper case, buds, 10W charger

After two weeks of use, the worst thing I can say is the colour is boring black. It has done everything as I expected. It has 4/64GB/microSD – more than many competitors do at this price.

PS – Mintt uses the same OEM as the US brand Blu. It is similar to the Blu G90, which has a reputation for a solid smartphone with 2+ day life.

Mintt X5 front and back

Screen – PASS+

Size6.5”, water-drop, IPS
Resolution1600 x 720, 60Hz
PPI269ppi, 90% STBR
ColourApprox. 90% sRGB
Delta E 8 (<4 is good)
Modes: standard (sRGB), vivid (DCI), cool or custom
Dark Theme
Warm to cool slider
16.7m colours (not HDR)
Nits400 – can go higher with adaptive brightness on (measured 425)
Brightness1500:1 meaning its OK for daylight readability. (measured 1425:1)
G-T-G60ms – slow for gamers
Viewing angle80/80 (equates to 160×160° horizontal/vertical)
WidevineL3 means 480p SD streaming
ProtectionPanda Glass (Chinese version of Gorilla Glass 3). It helps cut costs while providing similar protection – one of a growing number of substitutes.

Interestingly the 6.5” screen market has Samsung Galaxy A21, Realme 5, Nokia 5.3, Moto One Fusion, Moto g8 Power Lite, Moto g9 Play and TCL 10 so we know what to expect.

All you need to know is that it is a good quality, bright and colourful screen – easily the match of the above devices.

Processor – PASS

SoCMediaTek Helio P22 (MT6762V/WD) 12nm
big.LITTLE 4 x A53 1.8hz and 4 x A53 1.5Ghz
Note this is mistakenly called a Helio A25
GPUPowerVR Rogue GE8320
Supports Open CL 3.2, Vulcan 1.1
Decode 1080p@30fps HEVC
Supports AI for camera
Game use: It should support most mobile games to 25fps.
RAM4GB LPDDRX4 dual-channel
Storage64GB eMMC 5.1 (50GB free) 287/219Mbps sequential read/write
micro-SDUp to 128GB
GeekBench 5Single 140
Multi 821
Compute Open CL: Did not complete the test – same as all PowerVR GPU
15-minute test
Starts at 79,026GIPS, Averages 75,846 (approx. 10% loss of performance).
Mintt X5 throttle

One way to make a value phone is to use a MediaTek processor. So there are about 150 brands/models utilising this processor. For example, Alcatel 3 2020, realme C2, vivo Y12, TCL 10 SE, Moto e6s and more.

It is a good, not great processor that makes 20:9 screens, dual sim, BT 5.0 and Wi-FI AC possible in lower-cost phones. Its closest competitor is the Qualcomm SD439 or SD450

Comms – PASS+

Wi-FiWi-Fi 5 AC, 2.4 and 5Ghz, 1×1
Signal Strength -29dBm (excellent) and 433Mbps
BluetoothBT 5.0 – SBC and AAC
Single-band 10m accuracy fine for turn-by-turn navigation
NFCYes PayWave/Google Pay
Magnetometer eCompass
Distance (steps)
Fingerprint rear (100% accurate)
Light sensor

Getting Wi-Fi AC (even 1×1 433Mbps) is a bonus. BT 5.0 is also hard to find at this price. It has excellent Wi-Fi signal strength showing good antenna design.

It has all the necessary sensors, including an eCompass.


SIMDual hybrid with microSD (DSDS – one active at a time)
Ring toneSingle
SupportVoLTE – carrier dependent but generally yes
Wi-FI calling – Yes
UL (Mbps)50Mbps Cat 13
DL (Mbps)150Mbps Cat 7
Test-102dBm in a 3-bar reception area (average)
Found next tower at -105dBm (good)

It has all the bands, including band 28. Reception is average for the test – it is more of a city/suburbs phone.

Battery – PASS+

Battery mAh4000 (3900 rated)
ChargerComes with 5V/2A 10W charger
You can use any USB-C PD charger, but it tops out at 10W
Tests10W charge – 2.25 hours
Discharge screen on – <500mA – good for 15 days standby
Video Loop 1080p/50%/aeroplane mode – 11.7 hours
General use: 16+ hours
MP3 music – 20+ hours
100% load Battery drain – 9 hours
T-Rex – 541.2 min (9.02hr) 1461 frames

Under typical use, this should give two days use. By ‘bedtime’ it has 50% left.

Sound – PASS

SpeakersMono earpiece and down-firing speaker*
AMPUses P22 DAC/Amp
FMYes with earbuds cable as an antenna
Tests dBMedia 80
Ring 80
Alarm 80
Earpiece 50
The sound boost setting does little.

* It is not fair to measure the sound signature on a mono speaker system. The primary use is for clear voice.

It is reasonably loud all around. But a single mic makes this an average handsfree speakerphone.

The 3.5mm buds were poor with no bass, high mid and harsh treble.

BT output to our reference Sony WH-1000XN3 (M4 review soon) on SBC and AAC codecs is loud and clear – more than CD quality.

Build – PASS+

Sioze164.64 x 76.57 x 8.8 mm x 182g
BuildPanda Glass 3 factory fitted protector
Plastic Frame
Rear is plastic paint deposited
CoverTPU bumper cover provided

It appears Solidly built and is as good as I have seen in this class. Mintt claims a <.05% failure rate – excellent. You can buy a PU leather-like flip case for $25 from MIntt.

Android 10 – PASS+

AndroidPure Google Android 10
security patch 5 April 2020
GoogleAll standard apps, Google Lens and Assistant
Update PolicyAssume that no OS update although security patches should come

Few low-cost phones have Pure Google Android (except Nokia), and we have inquired about Mintt upgrade policy.

Mintt X5 camera – PASS+

Rear Camera 16MP8MP Ultra-wide 2MP Depth
SensorOmnivision OV16885Samsung SK54H7 OV16885 or OV16A10
Aperture f-stop1.82.22.8
Pixel size um11.121.75
FOV° and cropped65.2118 (95.2)85

This is a great setup – better than you can expect. A 16MP with a wide aperture takes excellent shots in day or night.

1X – colours are accurate and detail is good
5x – not bad and slightyless noise than the Y5
Excellent macro
Dog looks happy – cololurs and detail in 400 lumen light
<40 lumen – not a good shot lacking detail
Night mode brings up the colours without too much noise
Front Camera13MP
SensorSamsung SK53L6
Pixel size1.12um
 Video 1080p@60fps
Face unlock2D Face unlock passed 6 out of 10 tests

The selfie camera has just about enough FOV for group selfies. 2D Face unlock is about average and is most affected in low light.

GadgetGuy’s take – Mintt X5 ticks all the boxes for the price

This is a mass-market phone in a very contested $299 market. Its USPs are Pure Android, 4/64GB/microSD, good colourful screen and a decent battery.

When we reviewed the X3 (4.4/5) in September last year was briefly class-leading. The new X5 uses the Helio P22 (same), but other than that is an entirely different phone.

So, what has happened in that time? Well, the $299 price bracket has become a little more crowded with some terrific phones as well.

Mintt’s annual refresh policy means that soon the later models like the Moto g9 and new OPPO A-series may creep ahead. Then you have realme, Xiaomi, Nokia, TCL and LG entering that market segment.

It’s a hard call, but our objective rating gives it 4.4/5 like its predecessor.

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Big 6.5" bright and colourful screen
Wi-Fi AC and BT 5.0 ast this price
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