OWC USB-C Travel Dock Gen 2

OWC USB-C Travel Dock Gen 2 – 4K and 100W pass-through power (review)

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The OWC USB-C Travel Dock Gen 2 USB-C 3.2 Gen 1 5Gbps supports up to 100W of pass-through power and has the expansion ports you need when travelling.

It has HDMI 2.0 (4K@30Hz), 2 x USB-A 3.1 Gen 1 (5Gbps), SDXC card reader and up to 100W power USB-C power passthrough, so it works with devices up to 15” MacBook’s and most Window’s laptops.

We put the OWC USB-C Travel Dock Gen 2 through its paces and happily report it lives up to OWC’s great name and standards.

OWC USB-C Travel Dock Gen 2 with 4K and 100W power pass-through

Note this is not the Gen 1 with 60W power pass-through

WebsiteProduct Page
Price$84.99 plus shipping $9.90
Distributed byMacfixit
Warranty2-years OWC and ACL warranty from Macfixit and authorised resellers
Country of originTaiwan
CompanyOWC (Other World Computing Est 1988) is an American computer hardware company and online store for Mac upgrades and accessories.
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Why a dock or dongle?

Most modern PCs and Macs have USB-C 3.1 Gen 1 5Gbps ports. It is a step up from USB-A 2.0 (480Mbps) and carries power, data and ALT DP video. If you need to know what USB-C, Thunderbolt and PD charging is (and you will) read our Dummies Guide here. This also supports Thunderbolt 3 and 4.

This mini-dock uses 8W and power Pass-through means just that – it sends the balance (92W) power upstream to the PC. Regrettably, it does not come with a USB-C charger so make buy a 100W or use your laptop charger.

HDMI – 4K – yes

It supports one 4K@30Hz (or lower resolutions) via HDMI 2.0. We also tested with a 1080p@60Hz, and it was fine.

USB-C – to/from EXCEED

It will also work with Thunderbolt 3 devices, so it’s a low-cost way to add some dock functionality.

APPLE support

To enable support for the Apple Super Drive, Apple USB Keyboard, and charging for iPad 1/2/3 generation devices on the dock’s USB ports, install the Dock Ejector application for Mac.

SDXC card support

Supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC media cards. Compatible with UHS-II (Ultra High Speed). Can achieve speeds up to 156MB/s (SDHC) or 312MB/s (SDXC).

Smartphones as well

If your smartphone supports OTG, then you may be able to use this to add a =n external monitor, keyboard and mouse (tested with Samsung Galaxy S10 but most brands should be fine).


OWC makes good gear, and this is a keeper. We like the stowable cable.

GadgetGuy’s take

OWC USB-C Travel Dock Gen 2 is now part of my travel kit

I have been using a variety of lower-cost dongles but beginning to see the limitations, especially with Thunderbolt 3 Window and Mac devices.

This solves a lot of angst and provides just enough expansion for a traveller or a desk jockey. And adding smartphone support is the icing on the cake.

OWC USB-C Travel Dock Gen 2
A terrific low-cost way to add an external 4K monitor, USB ports and SD cards.
Value for money
Ease of Use
Premium build and construction
Flexible – smartphones, tablets and laptops (including the new Surface Pro 7)
Stowable cable
None really – may be an Ethernet port?