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EPSON ET4700 –MFP EcoTank colour inkjet
4.5Overall Score
Name: Epson ET4700 EcoTank printer
Price (RRP): $499
Manufacturer: EPSON

Reviewing the EPSON ET4700 really is a review of all the EcoTank printers. Why? Because they use the same technology – a precision core inkjet head fed by four or more separate refillable ink tanks giving extremely low print costs.

The result is that the EPSON ET4700 (about half-way up the range) will set you back $499, but it includes two years ink. That is approx. 3,600 Pages (Black) and 6,500 Pages (Colour). To put that in perspective, that is seven to thirteen reams of paper! The average family prints way, way, less.

Regular readers will know that we do not sell anything, nor get affiliate commissions, or charge for reviews. They are 100% independent, and we are one of the last Australian owned ‘deep-dive’ review sites. That means we test the Epson ET4200 EcoTank against all product claim as well as measure it against use paradigms.

Why buy an EcoTank like the EPSON ET4700?

EcoTank printers come into their own if you are doing a little more volume than you would on a cheap inkjet – you know the ones where the replacement ink costs more than the printer!

We will come to print costs later but if you print say, more than a ream or two each year you are better buying an EcoTank than a hungry inkjet where ink costs more per millilitre than the finest scotch or most expensive perfume!

And with printers becoming the Work From Home on-and-off-ramp from the internet you will get better reliability and build quality too.

But – as we said, the ET4700 (5/10ppm colour/black) is part of a range. For example, the next model up – the ET-4750 which we reviewed here is (8/15ppm and duplex print) comes with 14,000 pages (black), 11,200 pages (colour) for $50 more – my choice. Or if you print a lot of photos the ET7700 (A4 10/13ppm) and ET7750 (A3) use five ink tanks for superb borderless prints.

Epson ET4700

  • Australian website here
  • 215-page Manual here
  • Price: $499
  • Replacement consumables: Approx $70 for all four bottles (4,500/7500 Black/Colour)
  • From: Officeworks, Bing Lee, Epson stockists or online
  • Warranty: 12-months return to base with added 12-months if registered online

First impression

It is quite small and squat at 375 (W) x 347 (D) x 237mm (H) x 5kg. I don’t know if it is just me, but I am tired of ABS black plastic. Sure, it is sturdy and functional but lacks any design flair. Where is the colour – bright red, yellow, lavender – that is what printers need to come into the 21st century.

It is not just EPSON but the lot although I did review a nice clean HP Tango leather-clad printer recently. Any colour you like as long as it is black or off white. Rant over.

It achieves the small footprint by having a rear feed slot for 100 up to A4 page and a pull-out front tray.


It has single-sided print, single-sided scan, copy and fax.


Wi-Fi N 2.4Ghz, Wi-Fi Direct (a device can connect to it), USB 2.0 (Type B connector) and Ethernet.

It supports Epson Connect (Epson Email Print + Epson iPrint), Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.

Setup is easy – done via the 1.44” LCD although I did not see a WPS Wi-Fi option – type in your password using Alpha/numeric keys.

The Wi-Fi network automatically found it you could print from Windows 10 – no drivers needed.