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Logitech MX Keys – change the way you interact with a computer
4.5Overall Score
Name: Logitech MX Keys
Price (RRP): $199
Manufacturer: Logitech

Logitech MX Keys is part of its MX Master Series for creatives, coders and well anyone that wants more from a keyboard.

The Logitech MX Keys joins another MX device – MX Master 3 that we affectionately named Mighty Mouse. It is part of a new premium sub-brand offering more features.

So, what is so special about the Logitech MX Keys – read GadgetGirl’s review.

Logitech MX Keys

  • Australian website
  • Price: A$199.95
  • Warranty: 1-year
Logitech MX Keys front
Logitech MX Keys back
Logitech MX Keys side

Hi, I am GadgetGirl, a.k.a. The Managing Editor’s long-suffering wife (he is not too bad – loves tech almost as much as me). I was asked to review both the Logitech MX Mouse 3 (review here)  and the Logitech MX Keys because a) said Managing Editor is left-handed (that rules out the mouse) and b) he is so rusted-on to mechanical keyboards that it may be challenging to get a real opinion.

I absolutely love Logitech keyboards especially the Logitech G series mechanical keyboards. They are reliable, sturdy, and durable. My current keyboard is an old G610 (now a G815). I love the deep throw, heavy activation force and the steady (if a little loud) tapping the keys generate. I also write a lot – it is good for 70,000,000 stokes (about 17 million words) and I have yet to break it – as I did annually to so many cheap keyboards.

Just on clicky keyboards – if you use one at home this should not be an issue. But when I worked in an office, I received various feedback ranging from “Stop typing so loud” to “Wow she’s working hard today”, which brings me to the first point.

Initial impressions – EXCEED

When I first set it up, I really didn’t think we were going to get along. Compared to my Logitech G610 it was too ‘lightweight’, the keys were little low-profile pads instead of proper ‘keys’, and it was so quiet.

On the plus side it is well laid out with full-size keys (albeit low profile), the arrow keys sit under the Insert/Home block (as they should – I hate it when these sit under the Return key) and despite the slim deck, it sits at just the right angle.

It is 131.63 mm x 430.2 mm x 20.5 mm x 810g – it sits firmly on the desk without movement.

It is backlit but get this – hand proximity sensors turn the backlighting on, and ambient light sensors adjust backlighting brightness – perfect.

Oh, and it has a fashionable gunmetal grey deck and black keys.

Connection – EXCEED

Initially, I used the Logitech USB receiver but later swapped to Bluetooth LE. The USB receiver has the lowest latency (the delay between pressing a key and it appearing on the screen) but even with BT, my 100+ wpm touch-type speed has a fast response time. I also changed the MX Master 3 mouse to BT – all good and no perceptible lag.

But here is the good part – you can pair MX Keys (like the MX Master 3 Mouse) with up to three devices (Windows, Mac, Linux iOS and Android) and switch between them with an Easy-Switch button. One keyboard/mouse for your laptop, desktop or tablet. While it works well, I am not sure how many people have three computers on their desk – but if you do!

Using MX Keys

I have been using the MX Keys for several weeks now – so this is not a cursory test. I really wanted to give the low-profile keys a good test.

It didn’t take me long to get used to it. While there is not the same machinegun tap and strong actuation force feedback that you get with mechanical keys, I don’t mind it. It did not impact my typing speed, or accuracy like so many keyboards do.