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Ring Stick Up Cam 2019 Gen 2 indoor/outdoor security camera
3.3Overall Score
Name: Ring Stick Up Cam 2019 Gen 2 indoor/outdoor security camera
Price (RRP): $from $319
Manufacturer: Ring

The Ring Stick Up Cam 2019 is a 1080p (1K) capable, indoor/outdoor security camera. It is part of the Ring family of doorbells, security cameras, smart lighting, and ultimately part of the Ring “Works With’ ecosystem or as Amazon may call it the ‘Echo System”.

Ring Stick Up Cam 2019 follows the Ring design cues – it is a little while cylinder with a desk stand that becomes a wall or ceiling mount – quite clever.

Ring, the company came to life in 2013 after found Jamie Siminoff took the idea for a video doorbell to USA “Shark Tank” and it tanked! Five years later Amazon bought Ring for more than $1 billion. Look who is laughing now!

GadgetGuy has not had much exposure to Ring products – we reviewed the Ring Floodlight cam in March 2018 and the Ring Solar Panel in February 2019 (see Solar segment later). At the time the Floodlight cam scored 3.8-out-of-5, but in hindsight, it deserves a higher rating as we all convert to NBN and get adequate internet upload speeds.

You see the issue was (with it and any cloud-based security cameras) that video needs to go to the cloud for storage and viewing. Pre-NBN that could be a tall order. As we said, “Any recommendations rely on good upload speed. Also, remember if your internet is down Ring cannot do anything because it does not have onboard storage.”

So, apologies to Ring – its Floodlight Cam will perform better if you have NBN although it, and the Ring Stick Up Cam 2019 still lack onboard micro-SD storage.

Review – Ring Stick Up Cam 2019 (battery version)

Ring AU site here and Amazon Website here

The Ring Stick Up Cam 2019 is available in

  • Wired version (comes with Power Over Ethernet – POE – injector) $319. URL
  • Solar (comes with a 5V/2W solar charging panel) $399. URL
  • Battery (USB-A to micro-USB charge cable – no charger). $319. You can also buy the solar panel separately for $79. URL

 As with all things Amazon there are offers to induce you to buy multiple packs.

Out of the Box

  • Camera with base
  • Ring V4 battery 3.65V, 6040mAh, 22Wh
  • USB-A to micro-USB short charge cable
  • Installation screwdriver, drill bit, screws and plugs

First impression

I like the Ring design cues – clean lines and a little cute! It looks well-made and works indoors or out. It is 97 x 60 mm round (without stand) and comes in black or white.

The package includes a screwdriver and drill bit, making it easy to wall or ceiling mount.

Ring Stick Up Cam 2019 types


You need the Android or iOS Ring Always Home app.

Setup should be easy – perfect – but it was not.

  • You create a Ring account and verify email address – check
  • Scan the 3D barcode on the paperwork inside the pack – check
  • Insert a charged battery (see battery section) and get a flashing blue light – check
  • Connect your smartphone to Ring’s Wi-Fi SSID – check
  • It is then supposed to ask for the home 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network and password – fail

No matter what I tried or how close I placed the camera to the router it would not work. Just as I was about to give up, I recalled seeing a little orange button inside the case. I surmised that in the absence of a suitable pinhole reset this must do the same thing. Press the button and voila, Wi-Fi connection – check!

RSSI signal quality

From there, I placed it outside approx. 15 metres from the router and tested the signal strength. The app said was that it had a ‘solid’ Wi-Fi connection. Later I found connection quality and other information buried in the App under ‘Device Health’.