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Belkin builds an Apple Watch charger you’ll actually want

Owners of the iPhone and Apple Watch probably have a few cables lying around on their bedside table for charging both gadgets, but what if there was one that could handle both?

10:33 am 08/10/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

A grand phone: Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus reviewed

If you’re in the market for a big phone, Apple is ready with a new phone, and if you want it to come with all the features everyone else has plus that lovely Apple touch, the news is very good.

5:03 pm 29/09/2015 By Leigh D. Stark
A layered view of 3D Touch. Credit: Apple.

Apple’s 3D Touch – how it works

Apple’s new 3D touch brings a new dimension to a touchscreen interface. With the addition of pressure sensors that are integrated beneath the screen, 3D …

10:44 pm 22/09/2015 By Valens Quinn
Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 20.50.00 copy

Apple iPhone 6s – full Australian review

We’ve had the opportunity to spend some time getting to know the new iPhone 6s (and our iPhone 6s Plus review will appear on GadgetGuy.com.au over the next couple of days). So let’s take a closer look at what’s new.

10:02 pm 22/09/2015 By Valens Quinn

Twelve South to offer up a taller Apple Watch charger

One of the things Apple hasn’t really thought about with its Watch is the charger: it’s flat, basic, and doesn’t feel like the rest of the premium product that is the Watch. Twelve South wants to fix that.

2:28 pm 22/09/2015 By Staff writers

What’s going on with Apple TV and the 4K iPhone 6s?

There’s a new Apple TV on the way, and a new iPhone that supports 4K, so will the Apple TV play nicely between these two? Shake the Magic 8 Ball and find out, because the answer may surprise you.

2:00 pm 10/09/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Apple’s next iPad is bigger than your old iPad

There’s a 7.9 inch iPad and a 9.7 inch iPad, but say that’s not big enough for you, and you’d prefer a laptop-sized iPad for your big images and all. Fine, because now there’s an iPad Pro.

1:38 pm 10/09/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Apple’s next iPhones are here: 6s, 6s Plus both with 4K cameras

How do you beat the Samsung’s and Sony’s of the world when they’re competing hard with top smartphones sporting solid cameras? You join them and up your game, which is exactly what Apple is doing in the 2015 iPhones.

1:28 pm 10/09/2015 By Leigh D. Stark

Apple (finally) announces the new Apple TV

It’s been rumoured for almost as long as the Apple Watch was, but now it finally has an image to put with its name. Yes, the new Apple TV is real, and it’s all about the apps.

8:39 am 10/09/2015 By Leigh D. Stark
Apple invite

It’s official: Apple is launching stuff on Sept 9 (Sept 10 in Australia)

Apple has confirmed the launch date for its latest products to be September 9, at an invitation only event in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. And we’ll be there.

9:46 am 28/08/2015 By Valens Quinn

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