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Review: Apple TV 4K

4 weeks ago

A lot has happened since September 9, 2015, when the 4th Generation Apple TV was announced. Since then, 4K, or ‘Ultra HD’ televisions have become the

Review: Apple iPhone 8

4 weeks ago

The iPhone 8 is a bit unconventional. It was one of two new smartphone models announced by Apple earlier this month, with the other being

Apple iPhone 8/8 Plus, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple TV 4K on shelves today

1 month ago

Most of the stuff that Apple announced a couple of weeks ago is available from today in Apple stores and other retailers. The big one

Apple releases iOS 11 update for iPhones and iPads

1 month ago

Apple's latest iPhone and iPad operating system - iOS 11 - is now available to download to your device. It's a huge update with many new features and under-the-hood enhancements.

Apple Watch 3, even more mobile

1 month ago

It wasn’t all phones and TV yesterday at Apple’s big event. The Apple Watch was also treated to an upgrade. It’s now the Apple Watch

Apple TV App gets Anime

1 month ago

As we mentioned, the Apple TV App is being rolled out in Australia this month. And Madman Entertainment, one of the main distributors of Japanese

Apple TV goes 4K, provides 4K content for no additional charge

1 month ago

Just about all premium TVs – and for that matter the $899 bargain at your local supermarket – now offer Ultra High Definition resolution. But

Apple launches 3 new iPhones, Watch 3, Apple TV 4K

1 month ago

This morning at its shiny new toroidal headquarters in Cupertino, California, Apple launched three iPhones, the new Apple Watch 3, and a 4K upgrade to

Hands on with Apple’s iPhone X

1 month ago

Now that the wraps are off of the new iPhone X, what’s it like to use? We were at the launch event at Apple Park

Review: Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch

3 months ago

We’ve already had a look at a new model MacBook Pro, but that was the entry level model, so it lacked one of the most

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