Belkin AUF001 – BOOST↑CHARGE 10W Wireless Charging Stand and Speaker (review)

Belkin AUF001

The Belkin AUF001 – BOOST↑CHARGE 10W Wireless Charging Stand and Speaker – is a natty all-in-one Qi 10W wireless charger, mini-BT speaker and mic for hands-free speakerphone use.

It is the kind of gift that you might find under a techies Xmas tree. At $99.95, it is affordable enough to cross over from that ‘cheapskate’ to ‘I really love you’ gift.

There is not a lot to review here. We can check charging wattage; we could (and did) check speaker frequency response (mono – that is it) and such other. But really what you need to know is that it works as advertised and it is from a quality company.

NOTE: It is not for iPhone 12 MagSafe devices or other magnetic devices such as an Apple Watch.

Belkin AUF001 – BOOST↑CHARGE 10W Wireless Charging Stand and Speaker

Qi Tests – PASS

Modern Qi-certified chargers’ output 5V/1A/5W, 5V/1.5A/7.5W and 5V/2A/10W (approx.) to cover earbuds (5W), iPhone to 11 (7.5W) and most other Android Qi smartphones (10W).

It comes with a 12V/1.5A/18W plug wall charger.

Even though Belkin calls it a fast charger – it is not really. Fast charge usually starts with high voltage/amps for the first 60-80% then scales back.

In tests, it locked onto a specific voltage/amperage and stayed there until full.

For example, with an iPhone 8, it locked at 5V/1.5A. With Samsung Galaxy, it was 5V/2A.

We also tested efficiency – the ability to convert Qi power to battery charge. Belkin does not quote figures, but it is creditable for a single coil charger at approx. 70% (Qi maxes out at about 85%). What that means is that it will take about 30% longer to charge the iPhone.

It has the usual Qi charging safeguards.

Usability – PASS

It has a vertical stand design which means that it does not suit anything other than smartphones – no AirPod charging here (although you could). The design allows for portrait or landscape. The latter is important for smaller smartphones where you need to align both charging coils or efficiency drops off.

It can handle TPU cases to 3mm. Qi cannot charge through metal, alloy or thicker cases; hence the warning on Apple iPhone 12-series.

Belkin AUF001

BT speaker – PASSable

It is a standard BT 5.0 single-point pairing with any BT host device – phone, Window, Mac etc.

But don’t expect ‘quality’ music as the default is a hands-free phone (HFP) that cuts the frequency response and transmits in mono to allow the other channel for a mic.

Maximum volume at the speaker is 80dB and at 1metre is 76dB.

How does it sound? PASSable

Belkin claims a frequency response of 250Hz to 20kHz. In essence, that means no bass or lower mid – they are right.

You must remember it is an upwards-slightly backwards-firing, 3W, 4Ω, 40mm speaker. Its main purpose is to provide clear dialogue for voice calls – not so much music. Below is the HFP hands-free mode.

Belkin AUF001 HFP

You can disable ‘calls’ which implements the A2DP protocol that improves the frequency response. Below is the audio-only mode.

Belkin AUF001 A2DP

In any case, it is an analytical signature.

Mic – PASSable

As it is for indoor, up-close-and-personal use, its sensitivity is quite low. The mic is in front of the speaker, and feedback can occur at higher volumes. Its fine for hands-free use but callers commented that I sounded like I was in a tunnel as the phone was in front of it.

Belkin Connected equipment warranty – EXCEED

It covers damage up to $2500 if the device should damage the phone.

Details: Belkin AUF001 – BOOST↑CHARGE 10W Wireless Charging Stand and Speaker

  • Website here
  • Price: $99.95
  • Colours: Black or White
  • Size: 11- x 1-2 x 1-6mm x 110g
  • Warranty: 2-years and $2500 connected equipment insurance
  • From: Good CE retailers
  • Made in Vietnam
  • Belkin is owned now by Foxconn

GadgetGuy’s take – The Belkin AUF001 is a good 10W Qi charger with an adequate BT hands-free speakerphone at a reasonable $99.95 price.

You can get the same 10W charger without a speaker for $59.95. Given that I require a higher stereo audio standard (mono is so yesterday) that is what I would buy.

You can read other Belkin reviews here.

Rating explanation

A hard one to rate. As a Qi charger, it scores a PASS for everything, so it starts at 4/5.

As a hands-free speaker phone its PASSable.

But as a quality Belkin product with the 2-year warranty and connected equipment warranty it EXCEEDS.

Given that a lot of people are using Google Duo for video calls its a perfect device for that.

Value for money
Ease of Use
Belkin quality 10W Qi charger
2-year warranty and $2500 protected equipment warrranty
Adequate speaker phone - not really for music fidelity