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Air treatment

What Geeks like in 2019

What Geeks like in 2019

I am a geek, so qualified to comment on what geeks like in 2019. Here we cover TV, soundbars, home appliances (cooking, cleaning, robots), air treatment, smart...
Mr Dyson

Thank you Mr Dyson – I can breathe again

Australia is in the grip of a horrific bushfire season. Our hearts go to those who are living through hell. Add that to the drought and the lucky country is not so lucky. Thanks, Mr Dyson for making us all aware of a thing called Air Quality....
TruSens air purifier 2020 range

Review: TruSens air purifier Z-2000

Air purification has become a hot category, and TruSens have a range of three portable purifiers to suit small, medium and larger rooms. We put the TruSens air...