Fetch Box – Simplify TV viewing in the streaming age (review)


I have been using Fetch TV and a Fetch Box for many years. Fetch TV has upgraded its hardware and software over the years, and unlike other vendors, most new features are available to existing customers.

This review covers Fetch TV functionality and new features available on the latest Fetch Mighty and Mini 4K boxes. We will leave it to existing users if you need to upgrade – I did. We will also look at why Fetch Box is great for anyone who watches FTA (free-to-air) television.

Fetch TV

Australian Website Here
Manual or Support pages User guides and support videos
PriceFrom A$169.
FromAll good retailers and direct
Warranty12 months/exchange
Country of ManufactureChina
AboutFetch TV is an Australian IPTV provider that delivers a subscription television service over a user’s regular internet service. Fetch TV launched in 2010, backed by its Malaysian parent Astro All Asia Networks, which owns 75% of the company.
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What is a Fetch Box?

Fetch TV is an entertainment platform. Connect Fetch Box to the home network (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and the TV (via HDMI) to access all the content below.

FTA digital TV, catch-up and YouTube are free. Other content is via subscription either to Fetch or to the streaming provider. For example, the Knowledge Pack costs $6 per month, and Netflix, Stan, Prime, etc., require subscriptions.

Rent or buy movies or TV shows – you now have a video store in your lounge room with lots to choose from.

Once set up Fetch Box, its remote will control almost all the content (more on that later), including changing the volume and turning the TV on and off.

There are currently three Fetch boxes

  • Mighty 4K $449 – 1Tb hard drive
  • Mini 4K (WiFi 6 AX) $199
  • Mini FHD $169

The Fetch Mini is a TV tuner (needs an aerial) and up to FHD (1080p) internet streaming. For 4K TV owners for $30 more, you can access 4K content. But be aware that 4K steaming chews up data:

  • YouTube from 250MB (480p), 900MB (720p) 1.7GB (1080p) and 4K (2.7GB) per hour
  • Netflix Low/Medium – SD (720p) video 300MB/700MB an hour
  • High -1080p 3GB an hour
  • 4K video 7GB an hour

There is a Fetch Box comparison here. The Fetch Mighty has a 1TB hard drive to record up to 585 hours of FTA TV shows. It is handy to have a personal video recorder (PVR) because so many TVs have dropped this feature due to digital rights management issues (DRM). No, you can’t record Netflix etc. Yes, you could use Catch-up TV, but a PVR allows for fast forward at up to 32X speed and rewind.

The Mighty can also stream over the home network from its hard drive to a maximum of three Fetch boxes.

Why we love Fetch

Setup is super simple with easy to follow on-screen instructions.  Fetch has how-to videos straight from their menu.

  • Pause live TV – toilet break perhaps.
  • Records up to 6 TV shows across 3 TV networks at the same time (Mighty has four DVB-T tuners)
  • Ability to fast forward through the advertisements (Mighty)
  • Series recording – set once to record every episode of a V show
  • Listen to audio via Bluetooth headphones. (turn any monitor into a TV)
  • Watch shows straight from your smartphone. Great for when you are not at home.
  • A smartphone can act as a remote control
  • Only one TV antenna cable is required across one or more boxes – FTA TV in a room without an antenna socket.
  • 7 day TV Electronic Program Guide with rich information.
  • Supports all the FTA catch up services (no fast-forwarding)
  • Access to 9,000+ pay-er-view movies.
  • Access to world channels and other premium packs.
  • Integrated universal search finds any content (except 10 All-Access & Optus sport)
  • All streaming apps in one simple place via one remote, e.g. Netflix, Prime, Stan and YouTube.
  • Auto-recognition of TV resolution and existence of other Fetch boxes (multiroom).
  • Simple and clear user interface. Fetch continues to innovate and offers software upgrades with new features to existing customers.

Why upgrade to a new Fetch Mighty or Mini 4K Box

4K support: A much better picture and sound (up to 5.1 Dolby Digital with a soundbar) than you will ever get at the cinema.

Voice Remote: free or purchase for older boxes for $29.95. This Bluetooth remote lets you use voice to control the Fetch box – record channel 7 news, change channels etc.

Voice Search: by movie name, a famous movie saying like “I’ll be back”, or find an answer to a problem on YouTube. 

Voice is fast, works well and beats traditional methods for doing anything beyond pressing a dedicated button on the remote.

GadgetGuy’s Take

No device available today does everything, whether it be the smart TV or a stand-alone Fetch Box. Fetch’s failure is that for sports fans, it does not currently support Kayo. We can only speculate that Kayo, owned by Foxtel, is a competitor.


If Kayo were supported, the Mighty would get very close to a 10. We rate it higher than the Google TV with remote due to its TV tuning and recording capability

Customers already in the fetch ecosystem can keep their existing box. Then either add a new remote or a new mini 4K box to provide voice control or 4K.

Fetch Box - Mighty or Mini 4K
Value for money
Ease of use
Multiple FTA tuners
Personal Video recorder has ability to skip advts
One remote and menu for all your TV content -voice control and search as well
So easy to use
4K streaming for a great picture
Not every streaming service, e.g. Kayo