LaCie Portable 2TB SSD

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The LaCie Portable 2TB SSD is its latest Mac, or Windows SSD squeezed into something that looks like a nice charcoal black with copper trim, drink coaster.

The LaCie Portable 2TB SSD is 93.5 x 79 x 9.1mm and 100g and comes in 500GB, 1 and 2TB capacity. It can withstand a 2m drop as well although it is not water resistant.

Speedwise the theoretical speed of the drive interface is SATA 6Gbps (750MBps), and USB-A 3.0 and USBC 3.1 are both 5Gbps (625MBps).

LaCie Portable 2TB SSD

Tests: LaCie Portable 2TB SSD

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Using USB-C, we achieved 557.1/476.7MBps sequential read/write – again pushing the limits of the 5Gbps USB-C 3.1 but we are not sure why random read/write of larger files is marginally slower than the USB-A results. Not that this is important!

LaCie Portable 2TB SSD

Using USB-A 3.0, we achieved 442/389Mbps sequential read/write. This SSD controller is really pushing the limits of USB-A. It also did quite well with large file random read/writes.

LaCie Portable 2TB SSD

It comes with LaCie Toolkit for Mac and Windows. This allows you to create a mirror plan (backup of a drive or folder), backup System files (Windows), incremental backup and can be formatted in NTFS, Mac OS Extended (HFS+) and exFAT for both OS. It comes with both UBS-C and USB-A cables.

It also has a 3-year Rescue data recovery service which Seagate claim has a 90% success rate.

And it has a 1-month membership of Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan (after that subscriptions apply).

GadgetGuy’s take: Lacie Portable 2TB SSD

Good looking, charcoal and copper highlights, with among the fastest data transfer rates you can get for an external SATA 600 SSD. It is a nice touch to provide both cables.

LaCie is a Seagate company, and it aims at the premium end of the market.

Price: (From Scorptec)

  • 500GB          $209 (41.8c per GB)
  • 1TB               $399 (39.9c per GB)
  • 2TB               $729 (36.45c per GB)
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