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So what can you do to stay on top of these problems? Well, they’re not going to reduce in number, so being aware of security issues is one way, but Cook points out that keeping security features up and running is one such way of making sure.

“Anyone who disables security features on their phone [is at risk],” said Cook. “For instance in Android you can ‘Allow installation of Applications from both Trusted and unknown sources’. This is not a default setting – so if you have enabled it, you will need to be extra cautious about what you’re installing, and where you are getting it from.”

That’s advice solely for Android users at this time, and aside for suggesting mobile internet security solutions — of which Kaspersky makes a product in — Cook also points out the necessity of backups.

“Take advantage of backup strategies built into your phone, like Apple iCloud, and Google Account so if you do need to do a factory reset, or complete reinstall, then you’ve got your data stored to easily restore to your phone,” he said.