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Alcatel 3T 10 - 10-inch Android tablet and Audio Station
4.0Overall Score
Name: Alcatel 3T 10
Price (RRP): $349
Manufacturer: Alcatel

The Alcatel 3T 10 is a 10-inch HD, Android tablet and a separate Audio Station (dock). It is a budget entertainment tablet replete with Google Android 9 and Google Assistant.

The Alcatel 3T 10 is a $324 device with single Telstra 4G LTE compatible data sim slot. Though Google Duo, you can also use it as a hands-free calling and receiving device as you would use Google Assistant speakers.

You can see where the Alcatel 3T 10 came from. Alcatel’s insistence on good value and reasonable functionality over ‘gloss’.

What is Alcatel?

Alcatel is best known as a significant supplier in the Australian pre-paid and mass-market phone segment. It makes good, honest, Android phones with full Australian ACMA and Telco certification and provides terrific local support. Telcos either sell these as white labels or as the Alcatel 1 and 3 series.

Add to that its long-term sponsorship of the Sydney Rabbitohs and you know it’s a dinkum Aussie company – albeit owned by Chinese electronics giant TCL.

Alcatel 3T 10
Alcatel CEO Sam Skontos and the ‘boys’

TCL also holds licences to brands including BlackBerry and Palm. It recently announced it would also sell phones under the TCL brand (as it does in China). It is also gaining a solid reputation here for TV and Home appliances.

Alcatel 3T 10 – Android tablet and Audio Station

Website here

Price: $324 or $9 per month over 26 months via Telstra plus a data package from $15-75 (5-100GB data) per month if required. There are no other official retailers at present.

Alcatel 3T 10

First impression

Q: Do we judge this as a tablet and Audio Station dock or as a Google Assistant wannabe?

As a tablet, it is a generic 10-inch device with a black, grippy, textured, plastic back shell. It sits on a ‘UE’ Boom shaped (no relationship inferred) Audio Station connecting via POGO pins. It is 260 X 156.6 X 8.95mm x 440g plus the Audio Station at 185 x 67mm (round) x 406g.

The black fabric covered Audio Station has a passive bass radiator at either end, 2 x 5W, 40mm stereo front-firing speakers, BT 4.2, Aux-in, POGO pin (data and charge) and micro-SD slot. It will charge the tablet with the 5V/2A micro-USB charger when docked.

I unapologetically use the term ‘generic’. And perhaps that is intentional as it is not competing with Google Screens that seem to differentiate on design cred – colour, texture, shape and more to define this category. This is a tablet sitting on a black cylinder.

Alcatel 3T 10 screen


It is 1280×800, HD, 16:10 ratio, 160ppi, TFT-IPS display. It has a lowish 71.2% screen-to-body-ratio – large top and bottom bezels. But, that is all you need to watch 720p content.

The screen brightness maxes out at 275 nits. It is a little uneven across the screen with a distinct bright patch above the bottom edge. We know this type of panel and its capable of higher brightness but we suspect it is governed to preserve battery life.

It does not have a light sensor to auto-adjust the brightness. We found almost full brightness was mandatory. At this level, pulse width modulation is not evident.