Review: Jawbone Up 2
3.7Overall Score

Price (RRP): $149
Manufacturer: Jawbone

Need a bit of help getting in shape? Jawbone hopes to have the answer in an update to its Up 24, with the new sequel, the slimmer Up 2.


Last year’s Up 24 is over a year old, and that makes it old news and old tech. Fortunately, Jawbone has an update ready taking what the company achieved in the Up 24 and shrinking it down to a thinner form-factor for people who prefer their gadgets lighter and more body friendly.

That’s essentially what is happening with the Up 2, which takes a three axis accelerometer and puts it into a small anodised aluminium strip featuring a small battery, Bluetooth 4.0 and Low Energy (LE) access, and three LEDs for various notifications.


Surrounding this set of electronics is a small textured capacitive touch panel, with all of this sitting on a rubber strap, complete with a thin metal clip that can be moved in position to accommodate most wrist sizes.

The battery inside the Jawbone Up 2 is rated for as many as seven days, with the charging happening over a small magnetic USB charging cable and taking roughly one hour for a full charge.

Jawbone’s “Up” app is required for use with this gadget, which is available for both iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android.

The Jawbone Up 2 is water-resistant.



Sometimes technology just needs a bit of a refresh, even if not much time has gone by. That seems to be the case with Jawbone’s Up 24, which saw release mid-last year and was a fairly well developed little wrist band that could track your movements, sleeping habits, and unite them under one of the most friendly app environments for the fitness crowd that we had ever seen.

Later in the year when Jawbone managed to shrink the technology down to the button-sized Up Move, we were impressed again, as that not only brought the same sort of tracking to a smaller size, but also a much smaller price tag, getting in there for $69 to $89, depending on where you bought it from.

Fast forward a year and Jawbone is getting its Up 3 ready for release, an advanced activity tracker with some very unique sensors thrown in for good measure.

Before that happens, however, the company has an update for its Up 24, slimming the product down and giving it the same form-factor and design it has brought to the Up 3.


The resulting product is the Up 2, a new activity tracker in a bracelet that takes much of the technology used in both the Up 24 and Up Move and makes it thinner, more simple, and harder to worry about on the wrist.