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Review: Lowepro Pro Runner BP 350 AW II camera bag
4.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $249
Manufacturer: Lowepro

People who love cameras tend to need big bags to store their beloved bits and pieces, and Lowepro’s Pro Runner 350 certainly fits that bill. Can it deliver a camera carrying in comfort?

This bag is carrying a lot of stuff, so much that if we threw it into any other bag, we’d very likely hear the tear of fabric, the fraying of thread, and shortly after find our stuff on the ground, possibly after hearing some very loud and aggressive thumps, which would then lead us to fainting, or just a lot of yelling and bad words.

But this bag can hold it, and hold it well it does, and if you have a need to carry all of this stuff, you’re going to want something like it.


Features and performance

A love for photography tends to give you a few things.

First of all there’s a lot of pictures because, really, that’s what this whole endeavour is all about: finding moments (or waiting for some), framing them, and then capturing the image to show later on.

Then there’s the reduction of money, with an empty wallet one of the first things that someone with a love for optics will find. Simply put, cameras aren’t cheap, and lenses eat into the wallet more aggressively, because once you’ve bought yourself a camera and settled into a system, you kind of have to stick with that system for some time and buy some lenses, maybe a flash head, and so on and so on.

And that leads us to the other thing photography delivers, and that’s gear.

You hand over the money, the retailer hands over the gear, and with that gear you can take photos and pictures that let people smile, laugh, cry, and feel something — feel anything — that lets them connect to a still frame from a life they may or may not have shared a moment with.

The unfortunate side of having so much gear is that you have to carry it around, and finding a way to lug this excess equipment can be troublesome.

You might find a small bag with a spot for only one body and a couple of lenses, perhaps a tablet, and that might do the job for a simple walk-around excursion, but what do you do when you need to carry more, when you practically need to bring the entire studio and shop with you?


Lowepro’s Pro Runner 350 AW II BP is a backpack (hence the “BP”) designed specifically for that, built with the intention of carrying one big body and up to five lenses, with the ability to hold two bodies and less lenses if need be.

The padded velcro divider system Lowepro has used in camera bags for ages is back in this model, with a fairly generous amount of space when you open the main section, with places to store a computer, tablet, cables, and more spread out through other sections.

As a heads up, this bag isn’t light, with a weight of at least a kilogram before you start removing dividers and elements — Lowepro suggests two kilograms, though we’re not so sure — and we suspect that comes down to the amount of padding thrown in here, because there is quite a bit.