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Mutrics continues the soundglasses trend
4.1Overall Score
Name: Mutrics Smart audio-enabled sunglasses
Price (RRP): $US$129
Manufacturer: Mutrics

Mutrics are smart audio glasses – or as GadgetGuy has dubbed it and Bose Frames – soundglasses.

Mutrics are functionally equivalent to Bose Frames (review here), and both have strengths.

For example, both have

  • Polycarbonate matte nylon frames
  • Interchangeable nylon lenses UV400 lenses
  • Voice assistant and hands-free calls
  • Open ear wearable audio
  • Mutrics is 50g (Bose is 45g)
  • 2-hour charge via each’s proprietary USB-A to magnetic charge cable

Mutrics also has

  • Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 and aptX for 20-metre range (Bose BT 4.2/SBC/9m)
  • Three-button control (Bose one)
  • No app (Bose has iOS and Android app, but it is not mandatory for straight BT use)
  • Eight hours battery (Bose 3.5-hour)
  • IP55 sweat resistance (Bose IPX2)
  • Choice of coloured frames – black, orange and white (Bose is Black Nylon but has a choice of Alto or Rondo frames)
  • Virtual 5.1 sound with passive radiators (Bose is 2.0)
  • US$129 – or buy three and get one free (Bose is A$299)
  • Lenses US$10 (Bose is A$29.95 to $49.95)

No this is not meant to be a shootout – Bose buyers are a breed unto themselves and want the brand cred that Bose brings.

Mutrics, on the other hand, is relatively unknown and started life in 2017 as a Kickstarter project. This is its fourth-generation product debuting at CES 2019.

Putting both side-by-side they look like they are from the same stable. OK, this is a Bose Frames shootout!

Mutrics Smart Audio Sunglasses

Price: US$129 but there may be promotions so look around online

Website: here


Black nylon frames with no adjustment for the nose bridge or arm length.

Bose are slightly more stylish, and I do not like tye Mutrics blue lenses (as reviewed) – but you can order them with a non-polarised grey lens.

You can fit prescription lenses without voiding the warranty.

Summary: Bose is a little more elegant (if that is the right word).


Mutrics is 159mm deep compared to Bose Alto at 162mm.  The arms (ear hooks) have rubber grip pads making them a little less likely to slip off your nose that Bose. 

Both the Bose Frames and the Mutrics are non-adjustable and unless you have the perfect head size will slip off your nose bridge. An optometrist should be able to apply gentle heat and radius bending to make the ear hooks a better fit.



We repeat the warning that these are sunglasses and lenses can scratch.