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Laptops are getting thinner, and Intel’s Ultrabook is proof of that. Designed to match a particular specification, Ultrabooks run on Intel Core processors from at least the second-generation, and often bundle in 5-6 hour batteries, mid-range to high-end performance, and a weight that’s sure to keep the shoulders happy.


Review: Review: Asus ZenBook UX305

Ever since Apple rolled out the MacBook Air, companies have been trying to do their best at making something close, and in the UX305, Asus might finally have nailed it....

Review: Review: HP Spectre X360

HP's Spectre was one of the surprise laptops from last year, and a return for HP to the quality laptop space. Can the latest generation of Spectre keep the quality up, or does it fade away like the ghost of its name?...

Review: Lenovo’s thin and light Yoga 3 Pro reviewed

Tablets may well be taking over the computer space, but there are plenty of people out there who prefer a laptop, they just want them thinner and lighter. Fortunately, companies like Lenovo are listening, and have found a balance with the Yoga 3 Pro....

Asus embraces thin and sleek with a new Zenbook

Ultrabooks are supposed to be small, thin, and light machines you carry with you, and Asus thinks it might have that nailed with one of the last computers we’re likely to see before Intel’s next chipset rolls around....

Review: Review: Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro

Lenovo can be quite playful with its computers, and has come up with some good designs before, but in the Yoga 2 Pro, it's showing us that laptops can act like more computers than just the lunch box variety we're all used to....