Zeus-X Pro

Zeus-X Pro – 6-in-1 USB everything cable (review)

The Zeus-X Pro is a 6-in-1 USB ‘everything’ cable – the answer to messy, tangled USB and Lightning cables (it cannot tangle). It supports 100W charging – something incredibly important as we move to USB-C PD charging for most portable devices.

Now reviewing a cable is simple – does it work? Well, there is way more to a good cable than that, and perhaps this review may convince you that you need at least two of these in your kit.

Most USB-C cables

  • support USB 3.0 or 5Gbps. This supports USB-C 3.1/2 Gen 2, 10Gbps data transfer rate
  • Have a 15W charge rating. This has 100W
  • May only support 4K@30Hz video. This supports 4K@60Hz (and probably 5K@30fps)
  • Need separate cables for USB-A, USB-C, micro-USB and Apple Lightning. This is all in one
  • Don’t support Apple devices – this has an E-Mark smart chip for Apple 18W and 30W fast charge and it is USB-C PD, PPS and QC4.0 (or later compatible)
  • Have plastic or faux woven covering. This has durable woven Calico fabric with anti-tangle and fray properties tested to over 15,000 bends!
  • Use standard 1A/28awg copper wire. This has tinned 20AWG copper (lower means thicker), low resistance TPE coated cores inside another aluminium shield coat with a TPE fire-retardant layer and covered in Calico.
  • Has no smarts. Zeus has an E-mark smart chip that adapts to the device in use and a mini-LED to show power status

Zeus-X Pro – 6-in-1 USB everything cable

Price.3/1.5/2M A$49/69/83 inc freight
FromOnline at website or Amazon AU
WarrantyTwo years ACL
AboutAlex Jia Jun is a Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering Graduate from the University of Sydney. His engineering background and passion for tech and gadgets fuelled his aim to develop Zeus-X Pro. Alex founded Futurizta Tech in 2018. HQ Address: 282-288, Botany Road, Alexandria, 2015
Odd factZeus-X Pro is inspired by Star Wars: Mandalorian. It has the same colour calibration to match the shiny metallic finish of the Mandalorian Beskar armour. 

It started as a Kickstarter project

It achieved 20x times its goal and has become a reality. It went through several stages and prototypes before reaching its release. These included magnetic adapters (not strong enough), a single cable, three in one dongle (too big), and even a ‘board’ model.

Tests – Aced!

We used every test we could think of. That includes 20V/5A/100W PD (and lower), data transfer rates using an external USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 (10Gbps), 4K@60Hz video and Apple fast charge. It aced them all.

GadgetGuy’s take

Expensive but worth it. A lot of thought has gone into this, and it has found a place in both my travel pack (replacing five cables) and for high-speed 10Gbps external SSD transfers – the perfect match for my 100W Gan charger.


As far as a cable goes, there are many multi-function cables, but none have the complete set of features – 100W, Apple E-Chip, and 4K@60Hz. It is almost perfect and is the one cable you need in your kit.

Zeus-X Pro – 6-in-1 USB everything cable
Zeus-X Pro – 6-in-1 USB everything cable covers USB-C, USB-A, micro-USB and Lighting at 100W PD, Apple fast charge. 10Gbps and 4K@60Hz.
Value for money
Ease of use
Exceeds all current USB-C cable specifications
Rugged and reliable
Convenient 6-in-one design
None really