A new era in gas barbecues


Sunbeam designers and engineers have developed the company?s first gas barbecue range, called Innovo, featuring two four-burner gas barbecues created in collaboration with celebrity chef Geoff Jansz.

Even heat distribution across cooking surface

Innovo barbecues feature a three-tier system (patent pending) that provides even heat distribution across the entire cooking surface. A common problem with ordinary barbecues is heat travelling to the back of the cooking surface, creating a hot spot at the back of the plate and cold spots at the front. The Sunbeam system regulates this with its thermo-jet burners featuring more holes towards the front, delivering extra heat where it?s most lacking. This is matched with flame tamers positioned above the burners that direct heat to the front via angled louvers.

Heavy duty cast iron grilles and plates

Both barbecues sear perfectly thanks to heavy duty, cast iron grills and plates that distribute and retain heat better than other surfaces, Sunbeam claims. Barbecue pros will also appreciate the reliable electronic ignition, sturdy side wings to hold prepared foods and cooking utensils and the roasting hood?s inbuilt thermometer to provide an accurate guide for convection cooking. The large, slide-out, double drip trays make removal of grease waste simple.

With a brushed stainless steel finish, the deluxe Innovo model, GB5100, features a powerful side burner complete with cast iron trivet, side wire baskets for condiments, plus a removable storage container on the side wing which makes the perfect ice bucket.

Constructed for durability and safety

Constructed from steel for strength and longevity, both barbecues feature heavy duty castors for manoeuvrability and locking brakes for added safety. The roasting hood is designed with a stainless steel double skin that?s cool to touch on the outside while retaining heat on the inside.




The Sunbeam Innovo range is available from Harvey Norman and selected appliance retailers nationally. The Sunbeam Innovo 4 Burner Gas BBQ, GB4000, is priced at $799 RRP and the Innovo 4 Burner Gas BBQ, GB5100, is $1,199 RRP.