Acer`s new entertainment centre – the Aspire iDea 510


Acer has this week announced the launch of its most advanced entertainment centre yet, the Aspire iDea 510. Concealing its unique features and functionality in a sleek, ultra-low profile whisper-quiet design, the Aspire iDea 510 is equally at home in the lounge room as in the study.

The Aspire iDea 510 is six entertainment devices in one slimline unit; a VCR, DVD player, digital TV Ttuner, hi fi stereo, Image viewer and a powerful PC. Designed and styled to be operated from the comfort of the living room with wireless capabilities to act as a media centre hub, the Aspire iDea 510 requires just one remote control – allowing users to run a number of functions at the same time, servicing the needs of the whole family and eradicating remote control clutter.

The Aspire iDea harnesses the latest low-power consumption technology, transforming the bulky home computer into a stunning entertainment device. Powered by Intel® Core? 2 Duo processor running on Intel® Viiv? compliant chipsets with support for high definition and combined with 1024MB up to 2 GB of DDR II system memory the Aspire iDea is as sleek as it is powerful.

The use of low-power consumption electronics ensures that the Aspire iDea has a particularly low noise of just 23 dBA when idle (28 dBA heavy load), making it almost inaudible in the home environment and quite unlike any other media center PC that has come before.

Fully compliant with the latest Intel® Viiv? Technology and preinstalled with the latest version of Microsoft Vista Home Premium, the Aspire iDea provides a captivating way for users to enjoy, manage and share digital content and provides instant access to the unlimited potential of the rapidly developing online entertainment universe.

The Aspire iDea offers enough digital storage for even the biggest of families. Every home has its own rapidly growing and uniquely individual collection of digital photos, music and video files that can be easily stored on up to 500 GB hard disk. For even greater versatility, the Aspire iDea comes with a built-in slot-loading DVD-SuperMulti that can burn up to 8.5 GB of your favourite digital moments at the click of a button together with a 8-in-1 card reader for instant access to multiple types of storage media.

The Aspire iDea features up to two hybrid mini-PCI TV tuner cards for simultaneous viewing and recording of digital or analog off-air TV signals. The antenna and cable jacks guarantee effortless integration into home theatre systems, while keeping set up and recording simple and trouble free.

The Aspire iDea is also one of the first slim Media Center PCs to feature an HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) output. HDMI provides a simple and highly effective way to transfer extremely high-quality video and audio signals through a single cable, making the Aspire iDea the perfect companion to HD-ready televisions and modern entertainment systems.

In addition to a complete range of connectivity options including DVI-I, three AV-input ports, an FM antenna input, and 2 IR Blaster ports, the Aspire iDea features 7.1 (8 channel) analog audio processing with S/PDIF support for digital audio, 4 USB ports (two front mounted) and IEEE1394 for digital camera and video devices, making it the ideal way to introduce the home entertainment system to the world of digital interactivity.

Source: Acer