Adonit gets its Creative Cloud pen to Australia before Adobe’s own arrives

Adobe’s 2014 Creative Cloud software might be available locally, but the special Ink pen and Slide ruler hardware is yet to turn up in the same place. Adonit helped engineer the pen, and it has no plans to wait, announcing that its own version will head to stores shortly.

Built for the iPad 3 and above, and designed to work with the iPad Mini as well as the newer iPad Air, Adonit’s latest take on its established “Jot” stylus has been developed with artists and designers in mind.

More than just your regular broad-tipped finger emulating stylus, this model — the Jot Touch — manages to pack in a smaller tip, measuring 3.18mm, making it closer to a ballpoint pen then a thick marker, while also supporting up to 2048 levels of pressure, similar to the sensitivity offered by computer-based stylus interfaces offered by Wacom.

That’s part of the technology Adobe worked on with Adonit, which the company has called “Pixelpoint,” allowing the pen and software on the tablet to determine the difference between light and dark strokes.

It’s also wireless, but due to its requirement for Bluetooth, the Jot Touch needs to be charged, which is where a charger built into a USB dongle comes in.

“The Jot Touch with Pixelpoint is the next evolution of the earlier Jot Touch,” said Kris Perpich, Adonit’s Chief Experience Officer.

“By bringing Creative Cloud and Pixelpoint together, we’re making giant leaps toward unifying mobile, desktop and cloud-based workspaces into a new digital studio.”

With a price of $149 for the Adonit Jot Touch in black (white coming later), it’s not a stylus that everyone will want or need but at the moment, the Adonit Jot Touch is the only Pixelpoint compatible device we’re aware of in Australia, making it more or less the only choice creatives have if they’re keen to really make use of Adobe’s free Sketch and Line apps, which are available now on the Apple App Store.