AKG 2009 range of in-ear buds and headphones

AKG has announced its latest line-up of in-ear buds and ear canal headphones. Both designs are compatible with iPhone, iPod, MP3 players, DVD and CD players.

In-ear bud models

  • K309 semi-open In-Ear headphones – the ideal travel companion for those air and train commuters with its semi-open and light-weight design. Not to be put off by its entry level price, the K309 offers high output sound with excellent frequency response from virtually any portable device, including the new iPhone. Available in vivid brown and orange RRP $19.95.
  • K311 lightweight (5gm) semi-open In-Ear headphones – delivers clear, brighter, punchier distortion free bass. The result is impressively realistic music reproduction. The K311 is available in; plum, smoke grey and lime. RRP $29.95.
  • K313 semi-open In-Ear headphones – the ideal choice for music lovers who like multifaceted sound stage. Utilizes a large 13mm driver giving a wide frequency spectrum and high output sound reproduction. Fitted with soft ear buds makes them perfect for use on long journeys. Available in green or coral. RRP $39.95.
  • K315 semi-open In-Ear headphones – with in-line volume control to optimise operation of your iPhone, iPod or other portable music device by means of a volume control on the cable. This added feature means you can leave your music source safely and conveniently in your pocket or bag. Available in brick red or black. RRP $49.95.
  • K317 lightweight lanyard design semi-open In-Ear headphone – capable of exceptionally powerful, rich bass and undistorted sound reproduction comparable to that produced by considerably heavier traditional headphones. Utilizes a 50 cm retractable cable, mini-to-stereo-jack adaptor with soft case and cable winder. A must for frequent travellers in search of uncompromising sound quality. RRP $99.95.
  • K319 ultra high-end In-Ear solution – produces the most powerful and accurate sound reproduction of any AKG In-Ear bud to date. Offering a semi-open lanyard design, with enhanced bass response and features an in-line volume control, extension cable and flight adaptor, together with a hard case and cable winder. The K319 offers high-end listening experience that equals live or studio music reproduction. RRP $149.

Ear canal headphones

  • K321 Stereo Ear Canal (RRP $69.95) – is a comfortable, lightweight, timeless, closed-back design that adapts easily to any ear canal and will not slip even during abrupt movements, making it perfect for jogging or gym. Available in three sizes; S, M and L and in a choice of two colours; cloud white or sky blue.
  • K330 Stereo High Performance Ear Canal (RRP $119.00) – is a lightweight (3gms) closed-back design offering dynamic and accurate sound. Available in a choice of wasp yellow or scarab silver.
  • K340 Stereo High Performance Ear Canal (RRP $149.00) – offers accurate high output sound with in-line volume control conveniently located on its cable, allowing the volume level to be changed even when the portable player is attached or tucked away in a backpack or pocket. Available in black or stylish brown.
  • K370 High-End Ear Canal (RRP $229.00) – is an ultra lightweight design that has similar features found in professional studio headphones, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range and high sound pressure levels. The ideal choice for on board flights, the K370 comes with a flight adaptor extension cable and carry case which will also hold an iPhone. The K370 ear canal headphones also feature an in-line volume control, and include gold-plated jack plug and contacts so that they can be enjoyed with hi-fi systems. Available in silver/black finish only.