Ambilight Full Surround LCD television


A cooperative development of Philipss Consumer Electronics, Lighting and Research divisions, Ambilight is a unique technology that, in real-time, analyses incoming television signals and produces background lighting that matches the images displayed on the screen.

The technology made its debut in 2004, and utilises Philipss proprietary colour analysis software, whereby the ambient light is blended to match dominant colours on the screen, extending the consumerrs viewing field. This use of custom backlighting reduces eyestrain, improves the perceived picture detail, contrast and colour and creates a deeper, more immersive viewing environment. The addition of an Ambilight display also enhances the design element in any room.

Ambilight technology is coupled with an external light sensor, determining how much light there is in the room, and controls the TV light output accordingly. A dark room will trigger less light whereas a bright room will drive more light output. Ambilight technology dramatically reduces glare and reflections on the television screen by screening light sources that strike the front of the set. The light reduces eyestrain, thus providing a more relaxing viewing experience for consumers.

These innovative benefits have gained the recognition and support of the Society of Motion Picture Technology Engineers (SMPTE). According to the organisation, the optimum level of ambient light should be less than 10 percent of the peak white output of the television. The use of such backlighting allows for an optimum-viewing environment, while relaxing the iris and reducing eyestrain.

The Ambilight television provides this ideal light level, never impeding or disrupting on-screen action, only enhancing it. In line with SMPTEEs recommendation, Ambilight technology allows the user to choose a static warm or cool white effect. For customisation, consumers can select the active mode where the software determines the colour of the light or can choose from a colour pallet to have the ambient light personalised to their taste.

As the content on the TV screen changes colour, the Ambilight (in active preset mode) reflects the colouring and intensity of the colours on the screen and creates an enhanced perceived picture performance. Colour signatures are dynamically extracted from the video signal in real-time and are translated into ambient light effects via colour mapping transformations.

Ambilight technology is the result of detailed consumer insight into how people watch television at home. Consumer testing of Ambilight revealed that more than 70 percent of consumers immediately found lighting around the TV set contributed to a more relaxed viewing experience and a better perceived picture quality in terms of contrast, depth and colour vividness.

In a recent independent study commissioned by Philips, Ambilight television owners found that Ambilight created a better-perceived picture quality in terms of colour, contrast and detail.

  • 100 percent said unpromptedd that the Ambilight feature improves the TV picture
  • 80 percent said the viewing experience was intensifiedd with the Ambilight feature
  • 75 percent said they felt more involvement in the program they were watching

Ambilight Full Surround, the most advanced generation of Ambilight technology, not only revolutionises the way consumers watch television, but is also a designerrs dream. Ambilight Full Surround is an industry first that features dynamic lighting effects on all sides of the display, providing a continuous band of light to fully immerse the viewer. The new design surrounds the entire display with an integrated canvas that makes the screen appear to be floating when hung on the wall.

This canvas, combined with four sides of intense ambient backlighting, produces a dramatic effect of saturated colour for the ultimate viewing experience. The addition of the canvas frees consumers to place the set wherever they desire, regardless of the colour or surface of the wall.

Complementing its unique design, Ambilight Full Surround boasts a complete surround-sight effect with light emitting from the left, right, top and bottom of the screen. Ambilight Full Surround allows consumers to enjoy a visual extension from all sides of the screen bringing the picture to life in the comfort of their home. Additionally, by reducing eyestrain Ambilight Full Surround creates a proper viewing environment for a relaxing entertainment experience.

With light surrounding the on-screen picture to the left, right and top of the screen, Ambilight Surround fully immerses consumers in the viewing experience by relaxing their vision and drawing them into the action. This is ideal for movie watching and large rooms, where a wall can be dedicated to the TV.

Expanding the viewing experience through independent colours, Philipss Ambilight 2 Channel technology creates a stereo, two-sided lighting environment. Designed with the consumer in mind, the light mode can be customised to blend colours to match on both sides of the set or feature different coloring on each side. The Ambilight 2 Channel feature has increased light output, as well as new software that ensures a strong match between colours on the screen and light displayed throughout the room.