Another Ricoh GR DIGITAL II firmware upgrade now available

On April 22 the fourth function-enhancing firmware update for Ricoh’s GR DIGITAL II, a high-resolution compact digital camera, was released.

The function-enhancing firmware and instructions for using these functions can be downloaded free of charge from the Ricoh website.

Enhanced functions

Manually set the flash amount: when the flash mode is set to [Manual Flash], it is now possible to set the flash amount. For the flash amount, you can select from 12 levels ranging from full flash to 1/45. This enables you to fix the flash amount so that it will not be affected by the light reflectance of the subject and background, resulting in a relatively short time lag since there is no need to do a pre-flash to get exposure information.

Set the flash timing: the timing at which the flash fires can be selected from the choices “1st Curtain” (immediately after exposure begins) and “2nd Curtain” (immediately before exposure ends). Normally it is convenient to use “1st Curtain,” which fires the flash when the shutter is pushed. Using “2nd Curtain” when shooting a moving subject in flash (slow) synchro can result in images with more natural light trails.

Register white balance compensation in My Settings: you can select whether to save in My Settings the value set for white balance compensation.

Today’s Shots display function has been added: the number of images recorded during the current day can be displayed on the LCD monitor when the power is turned off.