Arcam P777 multi channel amplifier – home cinema and music reproduction

Arcam’s P777 multi channel amplifier for home cinema and music reproduction is the company’s highest performing multi channel amplifier yet.

The P777 is a natural partner to the AV888 AV processor in high performance home cinema installations. Using Sanken output devices with ultra-stable thermal management from the company’s stereo product line, the P777 offers huge power and control with even the most demanding loudspeakers and programme material. The Arcam development team have left nothing to chance while designing the P777.

Over 1.6kW of continuously available power is available to drive loudspeakers with clarity and precision and control. Substantial heat sinking and a computer controlled twin fan cooling system ensure it remains cool even under extreme duress with an all aluminium construction ensuring chassis temperatures are kept low while electro-magnetic interference is kept away from delicate audio signals.

The Two oversize toroid power transformers feed the seven power amplifier channels with separate secondary windings for each channel. The centre channel, often the most important as it carries dialogue information, is fed from both transformers for maximum performance. “Soft Start” circuit is deployed to reduce inrush load on the incoming mains supply at switch-on with the toroid standby transformer and control circuits kept in their own aluminium enclosure for additional screening.

Price and availability

Available in black or silver finish, the P777 comes with Arcam’s five year FMJ warranty. It will be available on 1 August, 2009, for an RRP of $8,998.