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A high definition television is only the beginning of the HD experience

High definition is one of the biggest and best advances in home entertainment for years, delivering picture quality that has to be seen to be believed, with almost five times the resolution of DVD.

But getting the full HD experience in your home is about more than buying a television set with an HDTV logo on it. To realise the full potential of high definition you’ll need a chain of equipment that has been carefully matched for performance and compatibility.

High definition is a complicated field. Did you know, for example, that there are several different standards for high definition video? Or that the latest Blu-ray movies and video game consoles use a different format to the one used by broadcast television? Match your source with the wrong TV set – or even connect them with the wrong cables – and you may not be getting all the performance you paid for.

High definition is also about more than just video. Most HD sources output advanced resolution surround sound, which cannot be properly experienced through your TV speakers. Instead, you’ll want to match your high definition equipment with a home cinema system that can take advantage of these great soundtracks. That means selecting an audio-video receiver and speakers that are suitable for your budget, living space and existing equipment.

At Audio Connection we’re experts in high definition and can give you the advice you need to make the right decisions. We can demystify the jargon and specify an entire new high definition solution to meet your needs, or integrate new high definition components into your current entertainment system.

Better still, we can offer assistance in setting up your new equipment and ongoing after-sales service, so you can squeeze every last drop of performance from your high definition system – because you shouldn’t need to understand how technology works in order to enjoy it in your home.

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