Bare it – the Philips Body Perfect and Cordless Epilator

Philips Body Perfect HP6379Give the mum you sleep with – rather than the one who spawned you (yeww!) – the ultimate hair down there with the Philips Body Perfect HP6379. With its hygienic silver ion comb, this little trimmer will enable her to precisely and safely manicure her body’s most sensitive regions and – with yummy mummy’s permission – maybe even allow you to channel your inner topiarist. It costs $100.

Adding variety to the whole ‘Go Bald for Mothers Day’ theme is the Philips cordless epilator ($139.95 RRP), a device that rips hair out by the roots more quickly and less painfully than others of its creed. It achieves this through a combination of hypoallergenic ceramics discs, which remove hair 20 percent faster, and sonic massage. The latter tenderly stimulates the skin, distracting from the pulling sensation to make the process more comfortable. Definitely not for use on sensitive areas.

Philips HP6511 cordless epilator