Belkin iPod & MP3 Control Backpack


The iPod Backpack by Belkin packs all your electronic essentials and gives you maximum comfort as you travel. In addition, you can control your iPod or other MP3 player externally using a durable but flexible keypad attached to the bag strap. It features a padded external support panel to cushion your shoulders and back, and a soft, sturdy handle for easy lifting.
Also included is a removable padded computer sleeve, which protects your laptop whilst you travel.


  • Control your iPod via the flexible keypad
  • Use the headphone socket on the bag strap for added convenience and cable management
  • Padded external shoulder and back support for comfortable wearability
  • Specially designed side pocket, and headphone outlet allow total access and comfortable use of your MP3 player


$129.95 RRP

The controls on the strap of the backpack