Beyonwiz release their 2nd Australian product, the DP-P1


Digital Products Group is proud to announce the release of the DP-P1, the second addition into the Beyonwiz family.  A high definition, dual tuner PVR; the DP-P1 records onto the 200GB hard drive allowing you to pause, rewind and replay live TV, record two channels simultaneously while playing back a pre-recorded program, all in high definition and when the hard drive reaches maximum capacity, simply back up the contents via USB onto an external hard drive.

Also integrated into the device is a home media centre that allows you to stream MP3s, movies and photos from your PC via the integrated LAN connection (Ethernet) or via the USB ports provided on both the front and rear of the device. *In a future firmware enhancement the DP-P1 will also be capable of streaming content from other Beyonwiz units you have located around your home, so if you record your favorite program in the lounge room on the DP-S1 you can watch it in the bedroom on the DP-P1 (any combination of DP-S1, DP-P1 or DP-H1 can stream between each other). Housed in a 390 mm chassis the DP-P1 has built-in card readers (SD, MMC and CF) and two USB ports so you can connect direct to a USB memory stick or directly to your digital camera and view your images in a slideshow.

The DP-P1 will complement your home theatre system whether used as the impressive high definition PVR that it is, or, in the near future, as an add-on to the DP-S1 for other rooms in the home, making all of your media files seamlessly accessible.

Source: Beyonwiz