Beyonwiz’s DP-P2 PVR takes on TiVo and Foxtel

Beyonwiz has released a new personal video recorder, the DP-P2 High Definition PVR.

The Beyonwiz DP-P2 has a 320 GB hard disc drive (HDD), allowing you to pause and rewind live HDTV, and record over 30 hours in high definition or 80 hours in standard definition. Like all Beyonwiz STBs and PVRs users can connect the DP-P2 to their home computer network and playback movies, pictures and music directly from their PC, external HDD or from a variety of supported memory cards. If the user owns more than one Beyonwiz unit they can even playback recordings from one unit to another, so if you record a program in the Lounge Room on your first Beyonwiz you can play it back in the bedroom on your second.

Another feature of the Beyonwiz DP-P2 is the Line Input allowing user to connect almost any AV device and record to the DP-P2 internal HDD. Users can connect their PayTV box and utilise most of the Beyonwiz PVR features, when you are viewing your PayTV service via the Beyonwiz “Line Input” the Beyonwiz will automatically hold a buffer of up to 2 hours so you can pause and rewind live PayTV. You can set timers to coincide with your PayTV box and you can even record a program from your PayTV box and your free-to-air digital TV simultaneously while playing back a previously recorded program.

The Beyonwiz DP-P2 also supports IceTV Remote so Beyonwiz users can choose from multiple remote recording options using any web browser, web-enabled mobile phone or while using the all new IceTV Widget. By simply logging in at (using their PC or Mac), (using a mobile phone), or while using the extremely popular IceTV Widget, Beyonwiz PVR users can now manage their TV recordings remotely with just a few simple ‘clicks’.

Beyonwiz DP-P2 PVR

Source: Beyonwiz