Big Screen Play: Building a great World Cup projector system

Make the best of the globe’s biggest football tournament by putting a projector at the centre of your Great Big World Cup system.

For one glorious month this winter, the cockles of all sports fans’ hearts are going to be warmed by the greatest football competition in the world: the World Cup. The World Cup will be coming to you from nine different cities in South Africa in 10 different venues, but the best place for you to experience the spectacle of the world’s best footballers at work is in your own home.

The whole shebang is nearly upon us, so there’s not much time to get the right home entertainment system together to amaze and entertain your mates – this guide, therefore, is going to focus on the biggest (and best) way to hit the ground running for the kick-off on 12 June – a projection system.

Where to watch the game

Setting up your room

Projector technology

Dealing with sound

Recording the World Cup

Watching on your mobile phone