Borders launch Kobo eBook reader for $199

Book shop Borders has this week announced the release of its own eBook reader, the Kobo. With two million titles available globally and over 100 publishers already on the program, the new e-ink reader is in fighting form to compete with the Amazon Kindle. And at $199 – more than $100 less than the Kindle – it might just put up a good fight.

Australians will have access to an online book store made available by big names such as Angus & Robertson and Borders, with 1000 titles available locally at launch.

“What we have created today is an eBook store for Australians,” says owner of Borders Australia, Dave Fenlon. “We are delighted to have secured content deals with Australian publishers, both large and independent, ensuring long term sustainable content for our eBook platform. Over 100 publishers have come on board.”

Kobo on the iPad
Other devices such as the iPad can run files purchased for the Kobo.

While the device lacks the ability to purchase books over a 3G connection like the Kindle and iPad, Borders has made it possible for its eBooks to run on as many devices as possible.

Applications now exist for the iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Android, and Windows PC platforms that allow you to read books purchased through these spaces.

Similar to Amazon’s already popular Kindle eBook reader, the Kobo runs on electronic ink technology, which for extended periods of reading is easier on the eyes than backlit screens. We’re told there’s 1GB internal storage for up to 1,000 eBooks, with an SD card slot for more storage. The Kobo comes preloaded with 100 titles.