Bowers & Wilkins new CT700 home cinema range

Real cinema sound for the home is now more attainable than ever before, thanks to the new CT700 Custom Theatre range from Bowers & Wilkins. While the new CT700 range is more modest in enclosure size, and considerably more modest in price than the premium 800 Series, it delivers precisely the same kind of jaw-dropping sonic impact, timbre and dialogue integrity, and sonic transparency as its larger siblings. Featuring advanced Bowers & Wilkins technologies such as Nautilus-tube-loaded tweeters and Kevlar drive units, CT700 will comfortably out-perform any other custom theatre system in its class.

The new CT700 range comprises of three different front/surround-channel options, 10-inch and 12-inch subwoofers, plus an outboard, rack-mounted subwoofer amplifier with 1,000 watts. All speakers are rigorously engineered so that the overall dynamic characteristics of each model in the range matches precisely. Designed to be installed into concealed locations behind acoustically transparent screens or custom cabinetry, all five loudspeaker elements are finished in a durable rubberised matte black paint and comes with blue Kevlar drive unit cones which helps eliminate any reflections from light sources. While you can’t fail to notice the incredible sound quality, the speakers themselves are all but invisible.

Each of the main channel speakers in this range was designed to slot discreetly into custom-built cabinetry and can take on either front, centre or surround duties within a multi-channel theatre set-up. The CT7.3 LCRS is a three-way layout using dual 8-inch Kevlar woofers, a 6-inch Kevlar FST midrange and a 1-inch cloth-dome Nautilus-loaded tweeter. The two-way CT7.4 LCRS employs dual 6-inch Kevlar mid/bass drivers with the same tweeter system, while the generally similar CT7.5 LCRS substitutes a single 7-inch Kevlar mid/bass unit.

Home theatre wouldn’t be half as impressive if it wasn’t for the all-important bass, which is why the CT700 includes two subwoofers designed to work in a variety of spaces. Just like the speakers, the subwoofers offer unparalleled performance for a reasonable price and use much of the technology that Bowers & Wilkins is rightly famous for.

The two subwoofers are closed box designs that use a uniquely rigid mushroom diaphragm to deliver the bass effects. The CT700’s flagship subwoofer, the CT SW12, features a 12-inch bass driver and is designed to provide bass to bigger rooms. The smaller subwoofer, the compact CT SW10, uses a 10-inch long throw bass driver and is the ideal solution for smaller rooms. Both subwoofers are powered by a fully featured external 1,000 watt amplifier, the rack-mounted SA1000 (pictured below).

Bowers & Wilkins SA1000 amplifier

Price and availability

Bowers & Wilkins new Custom Theatre CT700 range will be available in selected Bowers & Wilkins dealers from November 2008 at the following recommended retail prices:

  • CT7.3 LCRS – $2,199
  • CT7.4 LCRS – $1,499
  • CT7.5 LCRS – $899
  • CT SW12 – $1,299
  • CT SW10 – $1,099
  • SA1000 – $2,199

Source: Convoy International