Breville Ikon Toaster and Kettle Combo – a one-stop shop for snacks

The Breville Ikon Toaster and Kettle Combo is an exciting new innovation from Breville! The nested combo has been designed with one power base, which saves on bench space and allows you to use the toaster and kettle at the same time. The two slice toaster offers versatile options such as extra wide, self-centring and deep toaster slots and an ‘a bit more’ function for when your toast needs just a little bit more toasting.

The 1 litre kettle has a multi-directional cord-free base and easy-to-view water window. Made from premium stainless steel the BKT500 is ideal for both compact and streamlined kitchens.

The Breville Ikon Toaster and Kettle Combo recently won an award at the Australian Design Awards.

Kettle features

  • Convenient 1L capacity
  • Cordless
  • A one touch dampening lid opening system
  • Top Switch control
  • Auto off upon lid opening
  • An anti-burn handle location in relation to the toaster slots
  • Clear water gauge
  • Filter

Toaster features

  • A Bit More’ button for when your toast comes up a bit light
  • Integrated Back-lit cancel button
  • High lift function
  • Defrost button


  • A number of innovations are fundamental to the function and success of this Ikon Kettle Toaster Combo design
  • A neat compact design, with a single power cord creating an open and clean bench top
  • A comprehensive cord storage system – suiting all power outlet locations
  • Full stainless steel construction
  • Patent pending method of integrating a kettle and toaster in a compact way


Used independently or simultaneously, the kettle and toaster remain unaffected by the additional use of the other, yet their combined form has been thoroughly considered based on their proximity to one another.

The kettle features automatic power cut-out if the soft touch lid is opened while heating – preventing any possible splashing from a rolling boil into the toaster cavity.

Purposefully limiting the positions that the kettle can be placed on the base generates a safety clearance between the toaster body and the back of your hand; segregates steam and bread to avoid soggy toast; and prevents collisions between the kettle spout or handle and toaster body upon rotation. Breville believe with these safety features this kettle toaster combination is now safer than a standalone kettle and toaster used next to each other.


$129.95 RRP.

Source: Breville