Breville Juice Fountain BJE200

The Breville Juice Fountain (BJE200) is a compact yet powerful juicer that is perfect for smaller bench tops and juicing for one. There is also only four main parts (excluding the jug) to the juicer, meaning fewer bits to lose.

Setting up

Set up is easily worked out by looking at the picture on the box. All parts fit together well and since there are only four main parts it is not difficult to work out where they all go. The manual provides very detailed assembly and disassembly photographic instructions as well as useful juicing tips, and fruit and vegetable facts.


Because this juicer is compact it fits easily onto small benchtops and due to its size there is more chance of you keeping it out to use frequently.

Despite its smaller size, this juicer still delivers an excellent performance and offers similar features to other more expensive models. It has a large 75 mm feed chute, enabling it to juice whole (small) apples in one go. This really helps minimise juicing time by lessening food preparation.

The juicer’s pulp container is attached to the machine but it is fairly large (1.5 litres) so it can collect a lot of pulp before needing to be emptied. A nylon bristle brush comes packed with the machine to help with cleaning – particularly the micro mesh filter basket, which was surprisingly easy to scrub. The ruler style brush end helps remove pulp from the container when producing a lot of juice. Conveniently, the cover, pulp container, filter basket and juice jug are all dishwasher safe. But like all juicers, the Juice Fountain is easiest cleaned when washed immediately after use.


Despite the juicer only having one speed (compared to other models we’ve trialled), the juicer juiced soft and hard fruits very well. Its 900 watt motor (more powerful than some of the other juicers we’ve tested) delivered a very powerful and fast performance when juicing apples and carrots. Surprisingly, the juicer also performed well on softer fruits such as melons and oranges despite the machine only having one speed. Although the juicer is stable during juicing, the spout tends to spatter a little so you need to ensure the jug stays in place.


The Juice Fountain delivered a comparable performance to other larger models we tested. It is an ideal juicer for homes with smaller benchtops and definitely well priced.

Reviewer: Trina Tune

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Large feed chute, dishwasher safe parts, compact design, 900 watt powerful motor, fewer parts to keep track of and clean
Juice spout can spatter, only one speed, cord a little short, pulp container cannot be separated from the juicer without dismantling it first