Breville offers kitchens a dash of Heston

Earlier in the year, we heard that Australian appliance name Breville was working with chef extraordinaire Heston Blumenthal to make kitchens a better and more interesting place, and today, we have the first project from that collaboration.

The first appliance to come out of this celebrity chef accessory project is a food processor, and while Breville already has a number of these available in shops across the country, its the latest model that is “Heston tested,” and by that we mean “good enough for him.”

Breville’s “All In One” – yes, that’s the name, or you could go by the BSB350 model number – is a food processor that is able to slice and chop fruit and veggies into a 1.6 litre bowl.

Breville’s food processors have always come with a bunch of blades, and in this model, there’s a variable slicing disc with 18 settings, allowing you to cut with precision from between 0.5mm and 6mm, and the entire thing is dishwasher safe.

It probably goes without saying that using this device won’t turn you into a maestro of molecular gastronomy as Chef Blumenthal is, but we’re betting the idea here is that if it can survive the rigors of Heston, that’ll mean it can survive most of what you throw at it.

Regardless, you’ll find it in stores from this week with recommended retail price of $199.95.