Control in-flight entertainment… with your mind!

Entertainment systems on international flights have improved over the years, but they still require you to press buttons. One company however seeks to get rid of the remote and let you use your mind.

Canadian company InteraXon is a company thinking outside the box when it comes to remote controls. Literally.

The company specialises in brainwave-controlled technology and the latest idea is to let you sit back during a flight and play a game without having to pick up any controllers.

Think of it as Jedi mind control for your Wii except on an aeroplane.

InteraXon’s technology interprets brainwaves by having you concentrate and relax, each state of mind changing what happens inside the game. According to InteraXon, being relaxed causes the brain to send out an alpha wave while concentrating sends out beta waves. With this contrast, mind control games can be played.

We don’t know how long it is until this gets installed on aircraft flying to and from Australia, but we figure it won’t be too long before this technology finds itself into other devices like your TV and your remote becomes useless.