Creative SoundBlaster Jam V2

Creative SoundBlaster Jam V2 on-ear BT Headphones (review)

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The Creative SoundBlaster Jam V2 on-ear Bluetooth (BT) headphones are the lightest in their class at 83g. They are for all-day use and have a 22-hour battery life to match.

Yet, lightweight or not, they pack a punch with BT 5.0 multipoint (connect to two devices) and importantly with SBC and Qualcomm aptX LL (Low Latency) and HD (High definition) codecs.

Creative SoundBlaster Jam V2 on-ear BT Headphones

Price$59.95 inc free Australian post
FromCreative online
WhyRidiculously good value for ultra-light on-ear BT headphones for work and play
AboutSingapore based Creative Labs (Est 1981) is famed for its PC soundcards and, more recently, speakers, headsets and webcams
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But there is more.

  • USB-A or USB-C connectivity (internal DAC) – perfect for listening while charging or where BT may not be convenient
  • 200mAh USB Fast charge 10 minutes for four hours use. 0-100% in 1.5 hours. Can charge off any 5V/.5A or higher PD charger or USB port
  • BT 5.0 for about 15m distance from the host device
  • Works with the Creative App (like most Creative products) for an easy-to-use Equaliser (EQ) and pre-sets
  • Works with the SmartComms app in wired mode
  • 24-bit sound from 16/44/1/48kHz
  • Two mics 24-bit/48kHz with Qualcomm cVc 8.0 noise cancellation
  • Bass boost button
  • Volume +/- button
  • 32mm Neodymium speakers 20Hz-20kHz
  • Google Assistant and Siri support


There are not too many objective tests because our measuring equipment is for speakers.

So, we play a large genre from 20’s jazz, rhythm and blues, synth, instrumentals and vocals.

  • The soundstage is wider than your head – good
  • Left/right separation is excellent
  • Spatial sound – directionality – is clear
  • Frequency response is superb
  • Maximum volume is 80dB on-ear – that is loud
  • Hand-free noise reduction is effective

Creative has managed to create an almost perfect low-cost listening device.

It has bass building from 40Hz to 100Hz and then flat (good) to nearly 10kHz before a gradual drop off in treble to 20kHz. This means that its native state is flat (good), and you can use either the Bass button or the EQ app to change it to what you want.

I rarely hear such a good device – reserved for the best Sennheiser and Sony headphones. If you want to know more about Sund Signatures and why they are so important, click here.

Battery life

Over two business days (16 hours) at 65%, factory defaults we had 20% battery left.

GadgetGuy’s take

At $59.95 inc postage, the Creative SoundBlaster Jam V2 offers incredible performance and value. It is a pleasure to listen to them, and the built-in USB DAC (listen while you charge) is almost unheard of at this end of the market. Creative, you have done it again!

On-ear means no sound isolation, but the foam pads (spare set provided too) are comfortable and cut down external noises. Use them anywhere you don’t need noise cancellation.


For its incredible sound signature., USB DAC, Creative App and overall listening pleasure its q 10/10. For the price, it’s a 20/10.

Creative SoundBlaster Jam V2 on-ear BT Headphones
Creative SoundBlaster Jam V2 on-ear BT Headphones offer incredible value, features and performance unheard of at this price.
Value for money
Ease of use
Extremely light
One of the most flexible and listenable sound signatures
Can’t believe the low cost
USB DAC lets you listen and charge
All Qualcomm aptX codecs as well
They are all plastic, so don’t expect years of use