DeLonghi Prima Donna Avant coffee machine – become a button pushing barista

DeLonghi has extended the premium Magnifica range of fully automatic coffee machines. The new PrimaDonna Avant continues the line of excellence that has made DeLonghi the market leader in automatic coffee machines. The newest model ESAM6700 boasts even more remarkable features, with an innovative design and advanced coffee making technology.

Creating that perfect cup of coffee is simple thanks to the PrimaDonna Avant and its ingenious patented automatic cappuccino system, which by touch can be set to suit personal taste preferences – from the coffee grind and size of cup, to coffee strength and temperature. The sleek piano black touch control panel, allows you to customize your cappucciono, caffe latte and macchiato to just the way you like it!

The PrimaDonna Avant ESAM6700 also features a dedicated long coffee button, which utilises a specific percolator method that extracts the coffee slowly for a stronger traditional Americano long black. Ideal for coffee lovers who feel that long blacks are often compromised on strength, the slow percolating system of the ESAM 6700 ensures a richer coffee experience.

No feature is spared in this state-of-the-art coffee machine, which also comes complete with its own dedicated milk button, so that you can prepare hot milk for chai lattes and hot chocolates. As well as its own integrated milk storage jug to keep milk in the fridge between usage. Simply store the milk in the purpose designed, refrigerator-safe container which then clicks into the machine straight from the fridge.

Price and availability

The DeLonghi PrimaDonna ESAM6700 is available now, with a price of $3,499 RRP.

Buying a coffee machine?

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Source: DeLonghi