Denon AVR2309 surround sound receiver

Manufactured in Japan, Denon’s AVR2309 surround sound receiver offers 7 x 100 watts of power, decoding of DTS-HD Master Audio and Dolby True HD soundtracks found on Bu-ray discs, and HDMI version 1.3 Deep Colour and XV Colour support. Many electronics marques are now marketing panels and BD players that are XV Colour and Deep Colour compliant, and while Blu-ray discs don’t yet support the range of colours offered by XV Colour or the high-bit technology specified by XV Colour, with its provision of HDMI 1.3 the AVR2309 is equipped to pass on the benefits when they do.

Elsehwere, 1080p upscaling of analog video is handled by Faroudja’s renowned DCDi processors, with Denon’s High Picture Quality Circuitry enhancing the playback quality of DVD. A range of Audyssey calibration and optimisation features can be called on to tailor sound to the requirement of individual rooms, with Audyssey’s Dynamic Volume working to make the ‘level’ of all sources and programs the same. In addition, Compressed Audio Restorer circuitry helps restore the dynamic range of audio signals such as MP3, AAC and WMA, network audio and even AM/FM radio broadcasts.

Available in silver or black the AVR2309 costs $1499. Available options include the ASD11R iPod dock ($199), ASD3N Network and iPod dock ($399), and the ASD3W wireless network and iPod dock $499.