DJs rejoice: Pacemaker heading to PlayBook

The electronica-obsessed in our audience that can’t move their ears from a set of headphones will be pleased to know that a new DJ app is on its way to a tablet, although it may not be the tablet you expect.

Originally launched in 2008 by Tonium, the Pacemaker was one of the few portable gadgets one could bring with on the go and be their own Ministry of Sound mixmasters by using touch panels to mix tracks together.

Pacemaker killed off its product in 2011, but news today is that the gadget will be given a new lease of life in an app made for BlackBerry’s PlayBook.

Sadly, there’s no news or screenshots beyond this, with a release date scheduled sometime before June this year. We’re not quite sure how many DJ-types are waling around wishing their BlackBerry was a beatmatching box, but if you are, look out.