Do you know your drone? Ready to prove It?

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Attention all drone owners – think you’ve mastered the art of drone flying? The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is calling you out to put your knowledge to the ultimate test. With the launch of their ‘Know Your Drone‘ campaign, it’s time to prove that you’re not just flying your drone – you’re mastering the skies responsibly.

Since December 2019, CASA’s initiative has been a litmus test for drone enthusiasts across Australia. With an average score of 8 out of 11 on drone safety rules, the results are encouraging, but there’s still a gap to bridge. Are you one of the ace pilots who knows all the ins and outs, or will the quiz reveal some surprising blind spots in your knowledge?

Australia’s skies are buzzing more than ever, with CASA’s 2022-23 Annual Report estimating a staggering 1.8 million recreational drone flyers. And with even more expected to join the ranks, the importance of knowing your drone dos is more important than ever.

JB Hi-Fi is also aligning with the campaign, where every drone purchased at its stores comes with CASA’s drone safety information.

CASA’s Sharon Marshall-Keeffe urges every drone operator, new or experienced, to take the quiz. It’s not just a test; it’s a way to ensure you’re keeping the skies safe for everyone. As Sharon puts it, “Understanding the safety rules and flying responsibly is not optional; it’s essential.”

The campaign is also about creating a culture of safety and responsibility. Use a CASA-verified drone safety app before every flight to make sure you’re flying in a safe zone. Remember, knowing the rules isn’t just for your safety, but for everyone who shares the sky.

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The campaign is kicking-off across social media, digital videos, and retail outlets nationwide. But the real action happens at That’s where you can take the quiz, challenge your friends, and prove you’re a true drone aficionado.