Dvico TviX adds IceTV EPG support in new firmware upgrade

DVICO Inc. announced the latest firmware update for the TViX 4130 and the 5130, which now incorporates a comprehensive electronic program guide (EPG) from IceTV. The TViX 4130 and 5130 are both advanced hard disk media players and personal video recorders that allow you to watch and record high definition, free-to-air TV as well as watch a wide variety of digital videos formats downloaded from the internet. The collaboration between IceTV and DViCO has enhanced the TViX’s usability while firmware developments have further extended the compatibility across new digital video formats. This new update is free and is available for download from Dvico’s website at www.tvix.co.kr/eng.

IceTV EPG support

The TViX now adds IceTV EPG, the only independent service that provides an up-to-date, programming guide for all free-to-air digital TV channels in Australia. While using the TViX for watching DVB-T1free-to-air TV, IceTV EPG enables users to browse through all the free-to-air digital TV channels on one screen without having to jump from channel guide to channel guide. The task of schedule recording a program also becomes a simple “two-click, set and forget” process.

To activate the IceTV EPG service, TViX users go through a simple process to create an account on IceTV’s (www.icetv.com.au) website before activating the service on their TViX. With the TViX connected to the internet via the network port, users simple enter their account username and password before launching the service. The EPG service is a 30 day trial subscription, thereafter users have the option to continue with the service by paying an ongoing subscription fee.

Source: Dvico