Electrolux Ultra Silencer Z3365

The Electrolux Ultra Silencer Z3365 is a wonderfully quiet vacuum, operating at only 71 decibels. It’s so quiet that you may even listen to music, chat or watch TV while you vacuum and it’s quite compact, making it ideal for apartments or homes with limited storage.

Setting up

Setting up the Ultra Silencer is very straightforward. I found the setup process to be one of the simplest I’ve completed. There are only six parts to keep track of including a telescopic tube, hose, carpet/hard floor tool, crevice tool, combination nozzle/brush and what Electrolux calls an S-bag, or a ‘standard bag’, that fits all canister cleaners from the Electrolux Group, including Electrolux, Volta, Tornado, AEG-Electrolux and Philips.

The hose connects to the vacuum cleaner with a click; the extension wand twists and clicks into the hose; and finally, you connect the floor tool, which also clicks onto the wand with a twist. To detach the hose simply press its grey catches. You can switch the Ultra Silencer on with your foot, because the power button is very large.


The Ultra Silencer’s most exciting feature by far is its quietness. At 71 decibels I found that I could chat to my partner while vacuuming both hard timber floors and carpets on full suction power. We could even hear the television in the background.

The variable power control is accessed using a slider on the front of the machine, allowing you to change the suction level as needed, which is great for switching from carpets to delicate items such as curtains. The telescopic rod is particularly handy for reaching high places (promising a 15 metre reach) such as cupboard or stairs. If you need to clean blinds, simply attach the combination nozzle/brush and it easily lifts away surface dirt.

The Ultra Silencer is quite compact, making it great for apartments or even small homes with minimal storage. The carry handle is very thick and sturdy, and the wand park feature on the bottom of the machine makes it easy to carry.

Allergy sufferers will also like this machine as it features a H12 HEPA filter which you can replace as needed. It is recommended that you wash this filter after the fifth change of your dust bag.

The features that you get for $379 represent good value for money. I would have liked to see a choice of floor tools with this model but you can always step up to the Deluxe Z3372 for an extra $70 which comes with a deluxe hard floor nozzle, feather duster kit and slightly higher wattage (1,800 W).

Replacing the dust bag and motor filter

The dust bag (or ‘s-bag’) must be replaced when the indicator window is completely red. You simply fold down the carry handle, press the catches on the hose, remove the hose and open the cover.

Next, you lift out the insert holding the s-bag, pull the cardboard to remove the s-bag from the insert (which seals the s-bag, preventing dust escaping). To insert the new s-bag you push the cardboard right into the end of the groove in the insert. Next, you place it on the back pegs in the bag compartment. Finally, fold down the insert and close the cover. Similarly, the motor filter should be changed with every fifth dust bag replacement. It is easily removed and lifts upwards and out of a groove inside the same machine cavity as the dust bag.  


Replacing the 02 HEPA washable filter

This should also be replaced when you change the dust bag for the fifth time and its location is clearly marked on the machine. You place thumbs on the back edge of the lid and open the lid by pulling the handle backwards and upwards. The filter (which is lime green) easily lifts out.  

You may also clean the floor nozzle by using the hose. With a press of each wheel hub you can draw them away to remove debris and replace them by pressing them onto the axles which takes only seconds.

Buying replacement dust bags

Packed with the Ultra Silencer is an Electrolux Blue Ribbon Service Providers list which lists, by state and territory where you can find service centres, spare parts dealers and retailers where you can buy replacement dust bags. My search took only minutes: within one phone call I located a store a suburb away which had a replacement pack of five dust bags in stock for $15.00.

For the web savvy, there’s a reference to www.s-bag.net on the machine which proved to be less helpful. The website prompted me to select the country in which I bought the machine but Australia wasn’t listed. On-screen it encouraged me to visit www.electrolux.com or www.philips.com. Again, neither sites were any help. Logically though, it’s always good to visit the local website of the product manufacturer (which is printed on a flyer inside the box).

Dust bags and product packaging: good news for recyclers

According to Electrolux its s-bags are made of biodegradeable paper. They are made from a material that gives off only water and carbon dioxide (nothing toxic) when burnt with household waste. The s-bag’s cardboard collar is also made from recycled multiboard which is recyclable and biodegradeable, too. The Ultra Silencer’s dust bag packaging is also made of recycled multiboard. Electrolux says it too is recyclable and the printing is water-based, protected with a non-toxic coating which all good news for keen recyclers.


The Ultra Silencer is a very strong performer on hard floors, delicates and thick carpet though it required more of a concerted push when operated on full suction power on thick carpets. I liked the telescopic feature which is fast becoming standard on many machines and I like that the suction control is at your fingertips. Again, the quiet performance gets the biggest thumbs up from me.


If you want an affordable, compact cleaner that is easy to store, operate and most importantly is incredibly quiet to operate, the Ultra Silencer is the machine for you.

Reviewer: Ella Smith

Value for money
Ease of Use
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Super quiet operation (71 dB), compact design, easy to carry, biodegradeable and affordable bags ($15 for five)
Bag needs emptying and replacing, very basic floor tool