Enjoy bathroom comfort with Omega heated towel rails


If you?ve always thought heated towel rails were expensive to buy and run, think again. Omega Appliances has a range priced from $69 for a basic S-shaped model through to $599 for a luxurious 11 bar ladder design.

Heated towel rails provide warm, fresh, fluffy towels and can also create a warm ambience in the bathroom. Omega models cost about $1 per week when run 24 hours a day (based on electricity costs of 10 cents per kilowatt hour). Because each Omega towel rail plugs into a standard power point, there is always the option of adding a timer to the power point, helping to keep power bills in check.

Omega Appliances? range includes:

S-shaped three bar models:

50 watt chrome model: $69 RRP

65 watt white model: $69 RRP

S-shaped four bar models:

65 watt four bar model in chrome: $69 RRP

85 watt four bar model in white: $69 RRP

Freestanding, four bar models

65 watt in chrome – $79 RRP
85 watt in white – $79 RRP

Omega?s ladder range

The ladder-style range comprises four models, all double insulated and stainless steel. The five bar model ($299 RRP) is 560 mm high and has 50 watts of power; the seven bar ($399 RRP) is 805 mm high and 70 watts, the nine bar is 1040 mm high and 95 watts while the mega, 11 bar ($599 RRP) is 1280 mm high and 115 watts. All ladder style units are 620 mm wide.


Omega heated towel rails carry a two year warranty.

Source: Omega Appliances