Extras, extras! Get your home theatre gear look and perform at its best

The right accessories can turn a good entertainment system into a great one

Whether it’s matching jewellery or factory options for your car, the right accessories can really help make a new purchase. It’s the same with hi-fi and home cinema, and Audio Connection stocks all the trinkets and rocket fuel to help your gear look and perform at its best, work better with other equipment and be more convenient to use.

Top of the list is cables. The number of options for connecting your equipment together, from AV interconnects to speaker cables, can be very confusing for the newcomer – many of whom make incorrect and expensive decisions based on poor advice.

Interconnects (which are used to link components such as DVD players, TV sets and amplifiers together) come in a variety of lengths and a number of digital and analogue flavours, each offering different capabilities and performance levels. And that’s before you’ve even considered the merits of different brands and prices. It’s the same story with speaker cables.

Picking the right cables for the job – not necessarily the most expensive ones – is the single biggest way you can deliver a performance boost to your entertainment system, and at Audio Connection you can be sure of honest, impartial advice.

Having invested in new equipment, it’s important to protect it from power surges – something that may not be covered under your household insurance policy. Replacing cheap power leads and extension boards with models that offer surge protection is a simple and affordable way to ensure your entertainment system doesn’t suffer damage in a storm.

For many customers, the final touch is provided by dedicated home cinema or hi-fi furniture. At a basic level, specialist stands, racks and mounting systems give your equipment the physical support it needs, as heavy equipment typically requires a solid foundation to perform at its best.

But the best designs offer more than that, with cable management that keeps the vipers nest of wires that can accumulate beneath your TV in order, and stunning looks that rival anything you’ll find in a designer furniture showroom.

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