First cricket videogame for the Nintendo Wii

The Ashes may have just finished, but if you own a Wii games console, you’ll soon be able to host Test matches against the old cricketing enemy right there in your own home.

On November 5 the games publisher Codemasters is releasing ‘Cricket’ for Wii, the first cricket game for the Wii system. Players use the Wii Remote to bat and bowl, and use real life players, venues and outfits from the 2009 Ashes Series. You can even use the Wii Remote to shine the ball, though just typing that seems a little wrong, let alone rubbing a piece of plastic with buttons on your… person.

In addition to playing matches, you can also play the game in Scenario mode. This mode offers players a selection of 50 big match moments – you could for instance need to score match-winning runs, or try to take a big wicket. Hey, perhaps you could also deliberately pick the wrong team for a pitch, and see how that goes! (there endeth the short rant on the last Ashes series)

And all of the game play is commentated – there’s Jonathan Agnew, Shane Warne, Ian Botham, Ian Bishop and Tony Greig, all commenting on what you’re doing – and possibly how they did it better ‘back in their day’.