First of the iPad spoilers: MyMovie

With iPad pricing announced just days ago, it was just a matter of time before the expected slew of spoiler products hit the market. With an eye to catching buyers for whom iPad pricing is a tad too rich, MyMovie does as lot of what Apple’s hero device does and for just $249 – more than $300 less than the entry-level Wi-Fi iPad.

Sure, you don’t get Wi-Fi or 3G networking, a touchscreen or Apple’s slick interface and online content offering, but this bare bones portable entertainment device does promise to play back movies, music and photos, as well as function as an e-reader (supporting .txt files). And the price is on par with portable DVD players.

It’s hard to tell from the photo, but MyMovie looks a lot like a digital frame. According to maker JCMatthew, it’s 17mm thick, has an 8.9 inch high definition screen, supports video up to 720p standard, and provides a media card slot and USB ports in addition to 8GB of built-in memory. To make portable entertainment more comfortable, a stand, car kit, power adaptor, ear phones and headrest holster are part of the bargain.